Demetri Martin

Very smart (smart = book).
Super clever (clever = witty).
Love (love = adore) it/him.

I came across his stand-up act on Comedy Central...and a couple of weeks later, noticed that Kristin had become a fan of Important Things with Demetri Martin on Facebook. I recorded it; watched it. New favorite. He's been around for awhile...I'm just new.

You can read more about him here or here...or wherever Google takes you.

The show comes on Comedy Central...Wednesday nights...10:30 EST. Try it on for size :).

P.S. I have his stand-up CD (iTunes). Outside of the fact that he says the "r" word a million times (or at all), I love what I've heard so far.


One less Rose

To update: Grandmama spent a few days in the hospital and was released back to the nursing home with a PIC line; she continued on antibiotics until the 23rd and was able to have the PIC removed. She's improved immensely...my time with her Saturday and Sunday (as in yesterday and the day before) was amazing. She was so clear... I keep thinking her highs and lows are off the charts...then visualize either a broken needle (unable to chart her properly), or a snarky bird with a bent beak...which of course would be if she lived in the Flintstones and the same bird who played the records had to chart her. Nevermind.

Sadly... Her brother (my great uncle), Buddy, passed away Friday morning... He's the first of her siblings to pass...she's the oldest, incidentally. He's not been well for some time...since his most recent stroke, he's not known anyone or been responsive. Brenda, Max, Mike, and Teresa were able to attend the service today in Greensboro, AL. *sigh* Uncle Buddy...

Weighing in...for (February) 23rd...I had a 1 pound loss. Another Coke.

For today, 3.5. I usually stay with whole numbers, but for some reason...today, I'll take a half. Hence...the 3.5 pound trout. I lost a trout. A Coke and a trout. Good thing they went with "Have a Coke and a smile".

So much more to ramble about...so little time.