Happy birthday or anniversary to my blog :).
Birthdays are anniversaries.

(Found on Flickr...couturecupcakerymm's photostream)

Tangent: It makes me a litle crazy when people refer to monthly milestones as "anniversaries". Example... We've been dating for 3 months...Happy Anniversary!! Technically, it would be a mensiversary. I realize that doesn't exactly spring to mind or off the tongue...and the latin word "mensis" - for month - makes me think of menses...so then I don't want to say Happy Mensiversary. I've settled on Happy Monthiversary. ...just not Happy Anniversary unless it's appropriate.


Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

I can't seem to wrangle my thoughts into any sort of fenced in eloquence this afternoon...

So for the time being, I'll simply celebrate the day & gift of his birth. I'll celebrate the interesting, intelligent, diversely talented, accomplished, hard-working, funny, soft-hearted, and lovely man he is, and I'll celebrate his life.

And as I do everyday, I'll thank God for him...and be grateful he (Dad) chose a life with me.

Happy Birthday, Dad!
~ All my love... ~