A trip to the "pretty shop"...

It's been (as Shauntice would say) a minute since I updated [via blog] on Grandmama, and yesterday was a fairly eventful day...so I thought to make a quick post. For the first time in months - I'd have to look at my calendar to see how long - she left the nursing home to have her done by Darlene...who, until Grandmama became too ill, had been doing her hair for 20-something years. So...[up] there she is...tresses freshly cut and permed. The day took it's toll on them both (Grandmama and Granddaddy); I have a feeling it will take a few days to recover.

Sadly, Grandmama's roommate passed away this week. Saying it hits "close to home" is an understatement; it pings within the walls of the same room.

Yesterday, Granddaddy and the NHC staff moved Grandmama over to the other side of the room. She's now near the window and has a bit more room & wall space. She's under the impression she's in a new room altogether; last night, I found it best not to argue. No real news on the health front for her... The things that have been issues, continue to be issues.

Granddaddy had surgery on his foot last Thursday (one week ago yesterday). He's recovering well and riding Grandmama's motorized wheelchair much of the time. I think that about does it for the G'rents!


This is the fun part...

I'm drinking more Coke Zero than Coke...starting to drink more water... Re-making (for the hundredth time) the few small changes - that collectively make a ginormous difference. This is the easy part...where the pounds flee freely. Here's to this week's weight loss...4 pounds! I'd say I have another week of this light-hearted (though mindful) living to languish in... I don't think the loss will quite be 4 pounds again next week, but not...1/2 a pound either. After the re acclimation, the game will again...be on. Until then, I think it best to be in the now and enjoy my accomplishment, my loss. How nice to be dealing with a loss that bears no grief. Have a great week!!


When searching for a picture to punch up this post, I originally selected a photo of an elephant standing on a scale. That's probably me subconsciously being self-deprecating - so I'm removing it and replacing it with something more positive. When Oprah lost however much [weight] it was (that one time)...and wheeled out a wagon-o-meat, it was interesting to see how many pounds she had lost - more specifically, what they looked like (and in a wagon to boot). So the picture up top...that's a 4 pound puppy. That's what 4 pounds looks like. I lost a puppy last week. (I found the photo in Google Images...I believe it originated at dogbreedinfo.com. Thanks, puppy!)


Weighing in...

Like my friend, Elisa, I have been a bit flavored lately with the winter/January blues. Though unpleasant, non-descript, anti-social, and just...bleah...it could be much worse. Plus, I think pissy times (different than true bad times) are important to sit in every now and again. They not only let you know you are *not* a pod-person (the pod people are the ones who are happy ALL of the time in a way that doesn't make sense to even God), they also kick up the appreciation factor of/for the better times. I call it knowing the difference. Of course it's nice to have dry pant legs... But it's not until you've had DRENCHED jean pant legs...sopping from lakes of puddled rain... And you get home...to your sweet warm house, and change out of your soppy cold jeans...into your cozy...soothing...bendy yoga pants... ...Do you really appreciate dry pant legs. If you can get past the run-on/ellipse sentence from hell, that should make my point nicely.

LOTS has happened this week... I'm not writing now b/c I feel like writing though (or to report on all of the happenings)- instead - because I'm supposed to... In fact, I was supposed to have posted Monday. Weigh-in. It wasn't a full week, but waiting until next Monday would have been too long...so... As of Monday, I had lost 2 pounds. 2.4 to be precise, but I don't do tenths...so...2. Awesome. Back on track.


Nutshell + Regression + New Plan

I think I'm nearly outside of the window-of-posting for Christmas tales... I had a great trip and completely enjoyed my time with Dad & Maggie in Phoenix; we had a splendid time and since it's been nearly a month...I'll let the photos tell the story.

New Year's... I wasn't feeling very New Year's Eve-y this year. I had a very chill evening and preferred it that way. I'm on the fence about making resolutions. Plus - I view my birthday as my "new year". There are things I need to work on and grow into every day, week, month...etc.. I'm not against the idea of reviewing the past year and thinking of things I'd like to do differently, better, or at all... But it doesn't make sense to me to do it once a year. So...I resolve to be aware daily, grow constantly, and re-evaluate often. I'm in my head so much...the latter is built right in.

This leads to me something I have been working on, regressed, and now - it's important to me to get back on track. I've written a bit about our family weight loss challenge... Though Team Roseland dissipated, and it's now just me...all of us (the remaining players) have had varying levels of success; Uncle Max has been most successful. I've asked if we were still going (competing/weighing in)...and basically get the sense everyone is going their separate ways. Though I went back and forth a bit, I eventually lost 21 pounds...17 on the other scale. We'll go with 17. I've gained 10 back over the last 4 weeks. I'm wildly displeased with myself.

I liked the accountability factor of weighing in each week...and having to report and write down how much I had lost or gained. So. Since the fam has split off, and I don't want to pay to go to Weight Watchers meetings each week (and the closest location is 30 minutes away), I'm going hold myself accountable by reporting here. Ultimately, though the competition was fun...I'm the one who has to live & love with me. I will be using Weight Watchers online tools. I'll weigh and post each Monday.

I never know who reads my self-indulgent little posts...but I'm hoping at least a few people will check in and keep track/help keep me on track.

Also, I saw Gran Torino. It was good. Really good.


And so we'll call him Al.

I have yet to post about Christmas and such...plan to get to that next. For now...HAVE to share my newest addition which I'm in complete adoration with...

I purchased this from Vinyl Wall Art; he's my first try at...applying art made of vinyl for the various surfaces of your home. Love, love, love him....and now the concept. Can't wait to play more!

How he arrived...
Pre-owl wall...

Wall with owl!!!