Hello, my name is Simon...

As previously mentioned, I lost a bet (read: was hoodwinked) which resulted in my having to prepare seven dinners for Jason last week. Thankfully, the bet ended Sunday. Though I was fleeced, I held up my end and did so with a bit of finesse & variety - forcing him out of his usual ground beef-frocked diet of spaghetti and Hamburger Helper. To be fair, we both ate better than we typically do. To be honest, as an unmarried + childless, petless girl...I was a tad frazzled by the more intense, albeit temporary, schedule. My weekdays consist of work + colorguard practice or nursing home duty...landing me home around 7pm. (The beneficiary goes to bed by 8:30pm on work nights.) Eventually, I acclimated; he said he could "definitely get used to this" (as he casually sipped his beer and watched Pass Time on SPEED channel). Not a chance. My married and/or child-ful friends say..."welcome to my world". I say: not yet ;). I may get an apron though and wear it on Wednesdays.

It's in my nature to document, and more so to photograph. As consistently whined about, my camera has been sick. Some of the plates/presentations last week were really quite lovely (especially the last one). As an alternative, I opted to draw the menu for this post. As it turns out, I'm a wretched sketch artist. It's really quite bad. ...But funny-bad.

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Though it's early in the season, I've commenced with the gameday bets; had fun with them last year. Of course, everything is better when Alabama is having a good season. Traffic lights are always green, cereal never gets stale, and the clouds are shaped like goal posts and elephants.

The VA Tech game, though a little close for comfort, was fun b/c I have quite a few high school friends who went to or are fans of Tech. Recent reconnects on Facebook made for some delightful smack-talk in the weeks leading up to the game. The bet was simple. Joey, a high school friend, had to change his [Facebook] profile picture to the UA logo of my choosing following a Bama win. There is a bit more to the story - and it was a combined effort with Mollie and Meghan as guiding forces - but that's the gist. In truth...because of the way the stakes came about, I really had nothing to lose...though I'm sure Ray (another high school friend and Tech alum) would still be giving me crap. The screen shot below is of Joey's page. I just checked back, and though he could have done so last Thursday...he has yet to change from the Bama logo. In his heart of hearts, he must truly love the Crimson Tide. It's been fun to reconnect with these friends...they were great people in high school (I genuinely thought so...of each of them) and I really like the adult versions of them as well. Doesn't always turn out that way.

North Texas. I have a sweet and lovely friend from work, Sandra, who went to North Texas... We discussed setting up some terms, but never decided on anything. It's North Texas; I didn't push it.
Upcoming contests. I have two Razorback friends (Brenna and Amy)...I'll touch base with them this week. Jason and I have a bet set up for the Kentucky game. Could be painful and involves a Kentucky flag in my front yard and drinking out a UK cup on command; the flip side...he wears a UA shirt into his step-father's home (a photo will be taken); he may be disowned. Seems fair.
Speaking of Jason and betrayal... Saturday night, I cleanly won two games of darts. We played a third game. If I won, he would buy the oil + filter...and change Sipsey's oil this week. If he won (after having just lost two games straight), I would have to make dinner for him each night for one week (beginning yesterday). He began swiftly, adeptly (and promptly I might add) kicking my ass. Shark. He swears he got lucky. Hustler. I've seen him clear a pool table; I'm not sure I'm buying it. I should have known right then; blame it on the ah ah ah ah alcohol.
I burned the taco shells last night...maybe if I keep burning things...
Red beans & rice + cornbread tonight.


Pardon the cliche'...

There is someone for everyone. You'll find it/him when you stop looking. You'll find it/him when you least expect it. All things happen in good time. All good things happen in God's time. Walk your own path. What is right for one person, may not be right for another. We each have our own timeline... There is no right answer. There is no wrong answer. Each dark cloud has a silver lining. There is always something to be learned... You'll find him... Your "prince" will come.

Be independent. Be able to change your own tire. Be able to drive a stick shift. Be self-sufficient in all ways. Though you may need to at some point, organize and prepare yourself so that you don't have to depend on anyone for anything. Don't assume you can trust anyone. Keep your guard up. Take care of yourself. Be cautious. Get a pet.

Be sure you're open... Give him a chance. Give it a chance. Don't give up on it. Be patient. Be aware that what you thought you were looking for, may not be what God has in mind for you. Let your guard down a bit... In order to get something different than what you've had, you'll have to do something different than what you've done.

Love conquers all. If you love something, set it free... All is fair in love and war. Love is blind. Love is a many splendored thing. It's better to have loved and lost... Love is a battlefield. Love is just love.