Speaking of which...

"What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him." ~ Galileo Galilei

"Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it." 
~ Michel de Montaigne

"Actions lie louder than words." ~ Carolyn Wells

And from Robert Frost...

The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose. 
But the theory now goes
That the apple's a rose,
And the pear is, and so's
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only know
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose--
But were always a rose.

Lastly, cutting from an e-mail...and quoting my dear friend, Shauntice:

"Love is not supposed to be confusing, angry, hurtful, and it certainly isn't unsure." 

She was spot on with everything she wrote in the e-mail that contained that sentence, which for me, was quotable.  Love will be sure, for sure.  

Always a Rose


Treading water. With a brick.

Completely endearing...I adore this [see clip].

It's the reason this song is in my iTunes library. 

It makes my heart happy.  And so I'm posting it in lieu of writing...because my writing might lean back a bit toward bitter and I don't like the taste of that.  Rather than hindsight being 20/20, I [somewhat painstakingly] appreciate the reality checks that come when most needed.  I almost forgot what I'm supposed to remember, and was this close to acknowledging that I miss...  Doh! Saved by a text message. 

You watch the video, and I'll be over here...putting something cool on this sting. 


Bama Boy

Near the end of this post, I mentioned an upcoming bet concerning the Alabama/Kentucky game. 

Final score: Alabama 38, Kentucky 20. 

The Wildcat fan wore the shirt in his mother's and step-father's home, for the picture (flanked by blue of course), and the entire 7 hour drive home from Kentucky.  The shirt may be a bit weathered, but I think it works.  Made him look like a real fan...like he's been wearing it for years.   

Roll Tide! 


Hello, my name is Simon...

As previously mentioned, I lost a bet (read: was hoodwinked) which resulted in my having to prepare seven dinners for Jason last week. Thankfully, the bet ended Sunday. Though I was fleeced, I held up my end and did so with a bit of finesse & variety - forcing him out of his usual ground beef-frocked diet of spaghetti and Hamburger Helper. To be fair, we both ate better than we typically do. To be honest, as an unmarried + childless, petless girl...I was a tad frazzled by the more intense, albeit temporary, schedule. My weekdays consist of work + colorguard practice or nursing home duty...landing me home around 7pm. (The beneficiary goes to bed by 8:30pm on work nights.) Eventually, I acclimated; he said he could "definitely get used to this" (as he casually sipped his beer and watched Pass Time on SPEED channel). Not a chance. My married and/or child-ful friends say..."welcome to my world". I say: not yet ;). I may get an apron though and wear it on Wednesdays.

It's in my nature to document, and more so to photograph. As consistently whined about, my camera has been sick. Some of the plates/presentations last week were really quite lovely (especially the last one). As an alternative, I opted to draw the menu for this post. As it turns out, I'm a wretched sketch artist. It's really quite bad. ...But funny-bad.

(Click to enlarge)



Though it's early in the season, I've commenced with the gameday bets; had fun with them last year. Of course, everything is better when Alabama is having a good season. Traffic lights are always green, cereal never gets stale, and the clouds are shaped like goal posts and elephants.

The VA Tech game, though a little close for comfort, was fun b/c I have quite a few high school friends who went to or are fans of Tech. Recent reconnects on Facebook made for some delightful smack-talk in the weeks leading up to the game. The bet was simple. Joey, a high school friend, had to change his [Facebook] profile picture to the UA logo of my choosing following a Bama win. There is a bit more to the story - and it was a combined effort with Mollie and Meghan as guiding forces - but that's the gist. In truth...because of the way the stakes came about, I really had nothing to lose...though I'm sure Ray (another high school friend and Tech alum) would still be giving me crap. The screen shot below is of Joey's page. I just checked back, and though he could have done so last Thursday...he has yet to change from the Bama logo. In his heart of hearts, he must truly love the Crimson Tide. It's been fun to reconnect with these friends...they were great people in high school (I genuinely thought so...of each of them) and I really like the adult versions of them as well. Doesn't always turn out that way.

North Texas. I have a sweet and lovely friend from work, Sandra, who went to North Texas... We discussed setting up some terms, but never decided on anything. It's North Texas; I didn't push it.
Upcoming contests. I have two Razorback friends (Brenna and Amy)...I'll touch base with them this week. Jason and I have a bet set up for the Kentucky game. Could be painful and involves a Kentucky flag in my front yard and drinking out a UK cup on command; the flip side...he wears a UA shirt into his step-father's home (a photo will be taken); he may be disowned. Seems fair.
Speaking of Jason and betrayal... Saturday night, I cleanly won two games of darts. We played a third game. If I won, he would buy the oil + filter...and change Sipsey's oil this week. If he won (after having just lost two games straight), I would have to make dinner for him each night for one week (beginning yesterday). He began swiftly, adeptly (and promptly I might add) kicking my ass. Shark. He swears he got lucky. Hustler. I've seen him clear a pool table; I'm not sure I'm buying it. I should have known right then; blame it on the ah ah ah ah alcohol.
I burned the taco shells last night...maybe if I keep burning things...
Red beans & rice + cornbread tonight.


Pardon the cliche'...

There is someone for everyone. You'll find it/him when you stop looking. You'll find it/him when you least expect it. All things happen in good time. All good things happen in God's time. Walk your own path. What is right for one person, may not be right for another. We each have our own timeline... There is no right answer. There is no wrong answer. Each dark cloud has a silver lining. There is always something to be learned... You'll find him... Your "prince" will come.

Be independent. Be able to change your own tire. Be able to drive a stick shift. Be self-sufficient in all ways. Though you may need to at some point, organize and prepare yourself so that you don't have to depend on anyone for anything. Don't assume you can trust anyone. Keep your guard up. Take care of yourself. Be cautious. Get a pet.

Be sure you're open... Give him a chance. Give it a chance. Don't give up on it. Be patient. Be aware that what you thought you were looking for, may not be what God has in mind for you. Let your guard down a bit... In order to get something different than what you've had, you'll have to do something different than what you've done.

Love conquers all. If you love something, set it free... All is fair in love and war. Love is blind. Love is a many splendored thing. It's better to have loved and lost... Love is a battlefield. Love is just love.



July 28, 2005

4 years ago today...

Love and miss you, PaPaw.


Triple Word Score (amended)

So. I've begun making Scrabble™ tile pendants. Still learning; I've not perfected my process. The tiles aren't perfect either, but if it were me...I'd choose one with a bit of character - so I welcome flaws. When shopping, I always choose the one (elephant figurine, piece of jewelry, whatever) that is most interesting to me. Note: this concept (choose most interesting when shopping) does not apply to fresh fruits, veggies, meat. Just thought to share a few of the tiles I've made so far...

I gave Lindsay two for her birthday; she put them on with the pendant she was wearing at the time. Posting this one because you can't see the one on the left as well in the 3rd photo.

Picture from LB at work... Stoked that the new pendant is wearable!!

...And the next day...

Nicole with her frog!!!

The kitty was made for Lisa; she has worn it - I just need a picture. I was surprised at how much I liked it! The tile with circles (to the right of the cat) was made for Sandra...which she just learned about yesterday :).
I've worn the bird and the one on the far right...
I don't like the butterfly, but Angel does...so she shall have it.

The end.


Sticks and stones. Actually...just stones.

It's nearly mid-July...wth?!! I've been preoccupied with all things kidney-stone in the last few weeks. By preoccupied, I mean I've felt like hell. Like the stone, those feelings have passed. ...Though I have determined "pass" to be too passive a verb for the process. Deliver or exorcise (thanks, Ray) would be more applicable verbs.

The experience included a brief hospital stay and an initial misdiagnosis as they couldn't see any stones in the CT scan with contrast that was performed. Had a scan without contrast been performed first, things might have gone a little differently. At least, they would have treated it/me differently. Though it's not a my best side, I've been living with this for several weeks and have no inhibition in regard to sharing my x-ray. In fact, I'd like to; it explains my absence.

With the help of Darra and Renee, the stone was [not so] fondly named Monti B.. I referred to it as the Rock of Gibraltar, at which point...Darra referenced Mont Blanc. Monti makes Mont cuter...(though there is nothing cute about it), and B...which could stand for Blanc...actually stands for bitch. Thus we have, Monti B..

I realize people suffer far worse illnesses and the above, the size (we measured) of a small blueberry, probably does not seem all that daunting. Nonetheless, it's been unpleasant. I'm thankful it wasn't more complicated & that it's over. I hope not to experience it again. However... If my body does form future mineral/crystal aggregations - I'm also thankful to know that I have lovely family & friends will be around to help if needed...they were this time <3 .=".">

More to post soon; want to get this up tonight for Trey :).



I mentioned to a friend that I hadn’t posted anything recently because all that had been on my mind had been fairly heavy. True. Not that I don’t enjoy/appreciate a blog with some weight to it, but my writing tends to tilt toward random fluff. For the moment, as I sit next to my Grandmother while she sleeps…I’ve decided writing the heavier might be cathartic. My life has a lot of natural light, perhaps acknowledging the shade will provide for a nice balance - as with photography. We shall see. Then too, I'm not a photographer, I'm also not a writer. I fear my friends are all talked/listened out on this particular topic (Grandmama). If nothing else, they know my heart and my love for this very special woman.
(Taken 5.9.09)
This evening, the front hall of the Magnolia Wing (of Grandmama's nursing home) is quiet; the back hall, however, is buzzing with activity…as someone has just “expired”. There are loved ones to be informed, procedures to be followed, paperwork to be processed, and roommates to be moved. We don’t usually know when someone passes; they have a discreet set of doors at the end of each wing and certainly don’t ring a bell or make an announcement. We learned of the death because there happens to be a CNA working this evening who suffers from a complete lack of tact and a gift for remarkably inappropriate word choice + information sharing.
This July, it will have been one year since Grandmama moved into NHC (the nursing home). It was a year ago this February & March that she began having such consistent trouble, repeated hospitalizations, a bleed in her brain, a reaction to the plasma intended to help with the blood loss…which led to a terrifying stint in the neuro-ICU. The weeks followed with time in Select Specialty Hospital, back to University Hospital, and so on… Initially, the placement @ NHC (the area nursing home of choice) was presented as short-term…physical therapy intensive…readying her to go home. I knew then she’d never return to her home again. As difficult as that was and is, it’s also for the best; her medical needs far outweigh what my Grandfather and I were/are able to provide (as those who were living with her). We did give a powerful and valiant effort. Is there a word which means something more than valiant, but also…slightly hopeless? Pedaling furiously…on a stationary bike, hoping that you’ll make it to your destination of choice even though you're not moving? My Grandfather is a stubborn man and held out much longer, based on a promise he’d made to her…that he’d never put her in a nursing home.

I digress…less background, more of the present.

Grandmama is often confused…doesn’t understand where she is or why. Then other days, she shares that she wishes she’d had some say in this “placement”…no one asked if her she wanted to live here, or what she thought of this place. It’s the in-between that makes it so hard; on the rare days, she is just coherent enough to know that she’s losing her senses. Her eyes are still very blue, but now always glazed…and seem very far off. My Aunt Brenda calls where she [Grandmama] is, that far off place, her “other place”. The other place is sometimes a dream-world; not a world made of all she could ever dream of…but a world composed of nothing but her dreams; mainly non-sensical stories. Children hiding under her bed, bags full of dogs, milk in her bed linens, the kitten water she’d been made to drink…Those stories, though upsetting (and not shared to diminish her personal integrity in anyway), are the more pleasant. It’s the more violent ones…where she’s been taken to the woods and stripped naked, witnessed the murder of a set of twin babies, or Is convinced Granddaddy is having an affair and also in jail for murder… Those daymares (my word) - delusions (psychological/medical term), are cruel and there is generally no talking her out them.

The exchange that instigated this post took place this past Wednesday. Having spent so much time with her and acting as a caretaker for the last several years she was at home, I am often able to anticipate her needs (as anyone in a similar situation would be…and as all of us who spend a great deal of time with her - are). I noticed she was having trouble breathing; she said she just needed to blow her nose. She can often be the Girl who Cried Nose-Blow..as she’ll do anything to get that oxygen tubing out of her nose/and off her face. She wasn’t able to blow her nose, and I still felt like she didn’t sound quite right… I requested that the nurse do an O2 check, and though they had just taken her vitals (she read at 99%), this time (the re-check)…she read at 91%. Since she felt “stopped up” we thought it might be the tubing; thus it was replaced along with the little water bottle that acts as a humidifier for her 02 machine.

Afterwards, she still looked so distressed. Her blues eyes - very worried, and her brow furrowed in deep creases. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she didn’t know… I reframedBama
shaker (read: pom pom type thing used to cheer on the Crimson Tide). So I taped it to her closet door, directly in front of her bed. I taped it with handle-part down and against the wood, with the streamers hanging over it. It looks like McDonald’s fry-guy, but it’s a familiar object.

She didn’t think it would help…and I offered to take it down. She often gets frustrated with Granddady or one of my uncles who rushes when helping her with meals, but will never speak her mind – never express her frustration. I told her explicitly, right then (referring to the other times she had not spoken her mind), that if she wanted me to stop…to just say so. She said…”I don’t want to play this game anymore.” I apologized and said okay – clarifying that it wasn’t meant as a game – that I was only trying to help. “I’m here for you, Grandmama, that's all”… A sentence which certainly contained more personal weight than was intended for it’s immediate context.

I was frustrated. It hurts my heart to see her like this and I feel so helpless when there is nothing I can do to make anything better for her.

She stared out of the window for a few minutes, and then said… “The shaker will be perfect, because it will remind me of you.” I leaned over to hug her…and could not hold back my tears. I sat back down and we just sat there…holding hands…both crying. Again, she was looking off…not even out of the window, but somehow at a space right before it. She squeezed my hand and said…”let’s not cry anymore”. I replied…”yes ma’am”…and sat back in the recliner so that I was out her sight-line, and cried until I stopped. Damn. Talk about gravity of words...of a moment. I took her words metaphorically.

I trust in God‘s timeline, but do not understand it…not In her case. She no longer receives joy from anything and is hardly allowed to experience any variation of emotion or feeling… If she’s upset and can’t be calmed, she’d medicated. I too, want her to be comfortable. …But what about quality of life? I know there are those who live through far worse - without the care and benefits we are afforded. I pray that I am someday able to see the good in this situation…the positive that can be taken from it. It’s not as though the time we are being granted with her is quality time, and it's not as though there is anyone she's waiting on or wanting to see; there are no open pieces that need closure. Those who are employed by her stay will remain employed…jobs will not be lost, and for the most part…it’s not brought our family any closer together. Ultimately, I know it's simply not her time yet. The mind still reels.. Perhaps it is to keep my Grandfather alive. Perhaps I should be still, and be thankful. And know that after we brush her teeth and wash her face after dinner…she’ll enjoy the Oil of Olay being put on her face and neck…and the other lotions massaged into her arms and fingers. She always closes her eyes when I do that. And I always kiss her forehead.

(Grandmama & Kimmey...Mother's Day...5.10.09)



Happy birthday or anniversary to my blog :).
Birthdays are anniversaries.

(Found on Flickr...couturecupcakerymm's photostream)

Tangent: It makes me a litle crazy when people refer to monthly milestones as "anniversaries". Example... We've been dating for 3 months...Happy Anniversary!! Technically, it would be a mensiversary. I realize that doesn't exactly spring to mind or off the tongue...and the latin word "mensis" - for month - makes me think of menses...so then I don't want to say Happy Mensiversary. I've settled on Happy Monthiversary. ...just not Happy Anniversary unless it's appropriate.


Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

I can't seem to wrangle my thoughts into any sort of fenced in eloquence this afternoon...

So for the time being, I'll simply celebrate the day & gift of his birth. I'll celebrate the interesting, intelligent, diversely talented, accomplished, hard-working, funny, soft-hearted, and lovely man he is, and I'll celebrate his life.

And as I do everyday, I'll thank God for him...and be grateful he (Dad) chose a life with me.

Happy Birthday, Dad!
~ All my love... ~


Demetri Martin

Very smart (smart = book).
Super clever (clever = witty).
Love (love = adore) it/him.

I came across his stand-up act on Comedy Central...and a couple of weeks later, noticed that Kristin had become a fan of Important Things with Demetri Martin on Facebook. I recorded it; watched it. New favorite. He's been around for awhile...I'm just new.

You can read more about him here or here...or wherever Google takes you.

The show comes on Comedy Central...Wednesday nights...10:30 EST. Try it on for size :).

P.S. I have his stand-up CD (iTunes). Outside of the fact that he says the "r" word a million times (or at all), I love what I've heard so far.


One less Rose

To update: Grandmama spent a few days in the hospital and was released back to the nursing home with a PIC line; she continued on antibiotics until the 23rd and was able to have the PIC removed. She's improved immensely...my time with her Saturday and Sunday (as in yesterday and the day before) was amazing. She was so clear... I keep thinking her highs and lows are off the charts...then visualize either a broken needle (unable to chart her properly), or a snarky bird with a bent beak...which of course would be if she lived in the Flintstones and the same bird who played the records had to chart her. Nevermind.

Sadly... Her brother (my great uncle), Buddy, passed away Friday morning... He's the first of her siblings to pass...she's the oldest, incidentally. He's not been well for some time...since his most recent stroke, he's not known anyone or been responsive. Brenda, Max, Mike, and Teresa were able to attend the service today in Greensboro, AL. *sigh* Uncle Buddy...

Weighing in...for (February) 23rd...I had a 1 pound loss. Another Coke.

For today, 3.5. I usually stay with whole numbers, but for some reason...today, I'll take a half. Hence...the 3.5 pound trout. I lost a trout. A Coke and a trout. Good thing they went with "Have a Coke and a smile".

So much more to ramble about...so little time.



Even Steven

I didn't post last Monday...and I didn't weigh. I had eaten nothing but trash and knew I had gained. Though I no longer have [monthly] pyramids, I am convinced my non-existent cycle still syncs up with the ladies in my office (either that, or their hormones leap off of their bodies and onto mine) because I had an insatiable craving for chocolate last week. At any rate, I let myself get away with not weighing until Wednesday...whence-upon I forced myself out of bad/avoidant behavior and onto the scale. As predicted, I had gained the puppy back.

I straightened myself up for the remainder of the week and weighed today like a good Weight Watchers girl. I've lost the puppy again, and am precisely where I was two weeks ago. Splendid. Way to break even, Amanda. Must. Press. On.

In other news....

The drawring (hello my name is Simon, and I like to do draw-rings...) was doodled during a meeting; I have a new found affection for owls. I call this one Henry. Clearly.

When typing the title for this post, I realized I had no idea where the saying came from... This is what I found. Incidentally, I was going to write 'even stephen' as this particular explanation indicates it may originally have been; plus, that's how my Dad's name is spelled. I thought it might throw people though; I decided to go with the safer of the two options.

I had about 4 inches chopped off of my hair on Saturday...I'll post a picture soon.

Grandmama was admitted to the hospital Friday evening; we spent the majority of the weekend with her there. Please keep her in yours prayers/thoughts. ...I'm praying for her comfort and for peace of heart & mind - all things she is seemingly without. It is positively heart-breaking.


The Boy

~ Winston Meigs ~

9/13/01 - 2/6/09

Winston was a sweet & handsome boy with a lovable personality; he was often admired by strangers and fellow Airedale enthusiasts. A smart boy, he was valedictorian of his obedience school class, obeyed his parents, and enjoyed the comfort of his daily routine. Winston loved to play with his "monkey" (any stuffed squeaky toy), and preferred to spend his time in the cool of the air-conditioned indoors...rather than the dry Arizona heat (he was born in Colorado). He's been with Dad & Maggie 7 of the 11 years they've been married...this certainly leaves a palpable hole in their now 2-member household. He will be dearly missed and remembered lovingly as he brought them so much joy.


Hardly a conversation piece...

It's boiled chicken. One of my favorite friends, Farrah, tagged me in this photo meme... The game goes something like this: go to 4th folder in your pictures, find the 4th photo...and post it with an explanation (and no cheating!). If you have 623,000 photos like I do and keep them remarkably organized...then just keep going to the 4th folder until you get to a 4th photo...or something like that.

The chicken. Originally, I found this picture by a search on Google Images (I needed a picture of boiled chicken); it was taken by & belongs to the owner of a Flickr account who's owner calls him/herself the food pornographer. Huh. A few years ago, I went home with a friend for Thanksgiving... His family tradition on Turkey Day, is ham. I don't eat ham. As further family tradition/daily-routine would have it, they boil chicken for their sweet little Yorkshire Terrier...who is missing a few teeth in her old age. (The boiled chicken and lack of teeth may be completely unrelated, I have no idea. They were introduced to me at the same time and so they are tied.) So the dog and I had boiled chicken and celebrated the Thanksgiving of 2006; we had to sit at a separate table and everything. Kidding.

This past year, the same friend went on a trip to NYC for Thanksgiving. I made a mixed-CD for him to load on his iPod prior to the trip. The CD needed a little punching up, a little art. When I thought of this friend and Thanksgiving...I naturally thought of boiled chicken (thus the image search). ...And there you have it.

As today's post is sponsored by the number 4, I'm supposed to tag 4 people...I'm tagging Lindsay, Elisa, Daniel, and Tim. I don't think Daniel and Tim will be very excited...but maybe they'll post about something else; it's been forever since either of them posted.


High Fructose Corn Syrup

Makes sense... I wrote last week that this was the "fun part", and that I had one week more to coast by...dropping weight like a hot potato. Little Miss Prissy Britches...all happy with myself. Pfffft.

I gained one pound this past week and chose a Coke as my visual aid because it's precisely what I gained (and it weighs one pound). I drank fully leaded Coke each morning last week, Coke Zero in the afternoons, and probably 4 drops of water. Well, maybe 16 ounces...the entire week. I was terrible.

I'll be back with a better result next Monday.


A trip to the "pretty shop"...

It's been (as Shauntice would say) a minute since I updated [via blog] on Grandmama, and yesterday was a fairly eventful day...so I thought to make a quick post. For the first time in months - I'd have to look at my calendar to see how long - she left the nursing home to have her done by Darlene...who, until Grandmama became too ill, had been doing her hair for 20-something years. So...[up] there she is...tresses freshly cut and permed. The day took it's toll on them both (Grandmama and Granddaddy); I have a feeling it will take a few days to recover.

Sadly, Grandmama's roommate passed away this week. Saying it hits "close to home" is an understatement; it pings within the walls of the same room.

Yesterday, Granddaddy and the NHC staff moved Grandmama over to the other side of the room. She's now near the window and has a bit more room & wall space. She's under the impression she's in a new room altogether; last night, I found it best not to argue. No real news on the health front for her... The things that have been issues, continue to be issues.

Granddaddy had surgery on his foot last Thursday (one week ago yesterday). He's recovering well and riding Grandmama's motorized wheelchair much of the time. I think that about does it for the G'rents!


This is the fun part...

I'm drinking more Coke Zero than Coke...starting to drink more water... Re-making (for the hundredth time) the few small changes - that collectively make a ginormous difference. This is the easy part...where the pounds flee freely. Here's to this week's weight loss...4 pounds! I'd say I have another week of this light-hearted (though mindful) living to languish in... I don't think the loss will quite be 4 pounds again next week, but not...1/2 a pound either. After the re acclimation, the game will again...be on. Until then, I think it best to be in the now and enjoy my accomplishment, my loss. How nice to be dealing with a loss that bears no grief. Have a great week!!


When searching for a picture to punch up this post, I originally selected a photo of an elephant standing on a scale. That's probably me subconsciously being self-deprecating - so I'm removing it and replacing it with something more positive. When Oprah lost however much [weight] it was (that one time)...and wheeled out a wagon-o-meat, it was interesting to see how many pounds she had lost - more specifically, what they looked like (and in a wagon to boot). So the picture up top...that's a 4 pound puppy. That's what 4 pounds looks like. I lost a puppy last week. (I found the photo in Google Images...I believe it originated at dogbreedinfo.com. Thanks, puppy!)


Weighing in...

Like my friend, Elisa, I have been a bit flavored lately with the winter/January blues. Though unpleasant, non-descript, anti-social, and just...bleah...it could be much worse. Plus, I think pissy times (different than true bad times) are important to sit in every now and again. They not only let you know you are *not* a pod-person (the pod people are the ones who are happy ALL of the time in a way that doesn't make sense to even God), they also kick up the appreciation factor of/for the better times. I call it knowing the difference. Of course it's nice to have dry pant legs... But it's not until you've had DRENCHED jean pant legs...sopping from lakes of puddled rain... And you get home...to your sweet warm house, and change out of your soppy cold jeans...into your cozy...soothing...bendy yoga pants... ...Do you really appreciate dry pant legs. If you can get past the run-on/ellipse sentence from hell, that should make my point nicely.

LOTS has happened this week... I'm not writing now b/c I feel like writing though (or to report on all of the happenings)- instead - because I'm supposed to... In fact, I was supposed to have posted Monday. Weigh-in. It wasn't a full week, but waiting until next Monday would have been too long...so... As of Monday, I had lost 2 pounds. 2.4 to be precise, but I don't do tenths...so...2. Awesome. Back on track.


Nutshell + Regression + New Plan

I think I'm nearly outside of the window-of-posting for Christmas tales... I had a great trip and completely enjoyed my time with Dad & Maggie in Phoenix; we had a splendid time and since it's been nearly a month...I'll let the photos tell the story.

New Year's... I wasn't feeling very New Year's Eve-y this year. I had a very chill evening and preferred it that way. I'm on the fence about making resolutions. Plus - I view my birthday as my "new year". There are things I need to work on and grow into every day, week, month...etc.. I'm not against the idea of reviewing the past year and thinking of things I'd like to do differently, better, or at all... But it doesn't make sense to me to do it once a year. So...I resolve to be aware daily, grow constantly, and re-evaluate often. I'm in my head so much...the latter is built right in.

This leads to me something I have been working on, regressed, and now - it's important to me to get back on track. I've written a bit about our family weight loss challenge... Though Team Roseland dissipated, and it's now just me...all of us (the remaining players) have had varying levels of success; Uncle Max has been most successful. I've asked if we were still going (competing/weighing in)...and basically get the sense everyone is going their separate ways. Though I went back and forth a bit, I eventually lost 21 pounds...17 on the other scale. We'll go with 17. I've gained 10 back over the last 4 weeks. I'm wildly displeased with myself.

I liked the accountability factor of weighing in each week...and having to report and write down how much I had lost or gained. So. Since the fam has split off, and I don't want to pay to go to Weight Watchers meetings each week (and the closest location is 30 minutes away), I'm going hold myself accountable by reporting here. Ultimately, though the competition was fun...I'm the one who has to live & love with me. I will be using Weight Watchers online tools. I'll weigh and post each Monday.

I never know who reads my self-indulgent little posts...but I'm hoping at least a few people will check in and keep track/help keep me on track.

Also, I saw Gran Torino. It was good. Really good.


And so we'll call him Al.

I have yet to post about Christmas and such...plan to get to that next. For now...HAVE to share my newest addition which I'm in complete adoration with...

I purchased this from Vinyl Wall Art; he's my first try at...applying art made of vinyl for the various surfaces of your home. Love, love, love him....and now the concept. Can't wait to play more!

How he arrived...
Pre-owl wall...

Wall with owl!!!