Happy birthday or anniversary to my blog :).
Birthdays are anniversaries.

(Found on Flickr...couturecupcakerymm's photostream)

Tangent: It makes me a litle crazy when people refer to monthly milestones as "anniversaries". Example... We've been dating for 3 months...Happy Anniversary!! Technically, it would be a mensiversary. I realize that doesn't exactly spring to mind or off the tongue...and the latin word "mensis" - for month - makes me think of menses...so then I don't want to say Happy Mensiversary. I've settled on Happy Monthiversary. ...just not Happy Anniversary unless it's appropriate.


elisa said...

I'm hiring you to make AK's birthday cupcakes sometime. LOVE the elephant!!!!! Happy monthiversary...mensiversary sound like an unpleasant medical procedure. :/

Amanda Rose said...

I'll have to practice for AK...I just found this photo on Flickr :). And you're right...monthiversary is better; it's what I've always used.