Furry Monster

I adore Grover... He always makes me laugh, and after seeing Lindsay's classic clip posted...I was inspired to pay a little homage to the famous furry blue monster. I debated between "Near and Far"...or one of the many waiter clips ("....you did not order the clam chowder?!"). For today, I settled on dancing; I'll save the others for another day. I needed a laugh...and this made me giggle out-loud :). So check out Grover...cuttin' the hell out of a rug. SO SILLY.


A Bit More Betty...

I suppose it's fairly obvious where my head has been lately...… I remain preoccupied with thoughts of my Grandmother…her health, well being, quality of life, and the questions/decisions that surround her care – for which there are no easy answers.

I wrote and posted something about her last week… I deleted it shortly after posting though as it was a bit much; too…flowery. It makes sense that I would write about her – since “she” is what’s going on. I’ve had trouble putting pen to paper though (characters to screen). Today, the difficulty in writing reads a few different ways... On one hand, I don’t know what more there is to say… We (my family) have been talking about the situation so much lately, anything more seems (and is)…repetitive. Talking in circles makes me dizzy. Another vein of thought…is that I’m so blessed to have a wonderful relationship with her and regardless of the fact that my heart will undoubtedly break into a thousand pieces when she leaves us, I will have peace and contentment in what we’ve had. I will be able, as Maggie advised, to stand at my Grandmother’s graveside…and know that I did everything I could have done…and said all I wanted/needed to say.

My Grandparents have always been two of the main players in my life. Dad [uniquely] raised me as a single-parent, and they absolutely helped when needed. Because of that dynamic and the lack of a “mother”…my Grandmother has filled a much more maternal role for me. Whenever they introduce me to anyone…they introduce me as their granddaughter, who is more like a daughter.

The presence of thought is a gift, and I’m thankful to know these things now. To be able to soak in the moments with her and appreciate the time we have. Too many times, we don’t “get it” – until it’s too late. I get it. I also “get” that in more ways than one - I’ve put things ‘on hold’ or pushed them back…to ensure my Grandparents came first. As a result, other pieces of my life have practically lived (and continue to live) on back-burners. …So many - in fact - that I’ve had to borrow stoves. (...Talk about figurative heavy lifting...) Although my actions/gestures are genuine...caretaking is an easy chasm to disappear into - to hide. ...A dangerous one as well. In the end though…whenever that may be…I’ll have no regrets where my Grandmother is concerned - and that makes it all okay.


"An Elephant has No Opposite" - explained.

My friend, Lindsay, gave me a red elephant this past December... She's given me several (which I adore), but he's one of my favorites simply because he's different; almost abstract.

He currently spends his pachyderm days on a shelf in my office. A couple of weeks ago, a girl walked past him and said to me, "I like your elephant. ...Or is that a mouse?".

I thanked her for the compliment and confirmed that it was an elephant. I can see how it might be confusing; so many animals have trunks.

Hearing the brief exchange...one of my coworkers popped her head around the corner, and declared that an elephant was the opposite of a mouse.

I know the fable she's thinking of...and I get that they (elephants and mice) are very different animals. Opposite ends of the animal kingdom spectrum maybe, but not opposites... A dog is not the opposite of a cat; it's nemesis - perhaps.

For whatever reason, the conversation stuck with me. When this blog was born, "An Elephant has No Opposite" was the second thing that came to mind. And so - I went with my second instinct.

We say so many things that don't make sense...I'm sure I do it more often than I'm aware. This is me though...trying to pay attention. I'll let you know how it goes. In the mean time, should you say something like..."there are many different variations"...don't be surprised if I call you out. I'm on a mission to prevent and fight crimes of redundancy.


Coming Soon

Casey Kasem always did Long Distance Dedications...or requests & dedications...on his weekly Top 40 show... I remember loving that part of the show...and mentally composing what my dedication would be to my at-the-time-crush or "long lost friend". ...Certain that if I sent it in, it would be read on-air...and successfully be heard by the dedicatee. I was 12 or 13...I couldn't have lost anyone for too long.

Since Kasem's segment came to mind, I've decided a blog-version might be fun... There are always letters I want to write (real ones - handwritten...sent through the mail)...or thoughts I want to share...with old friends and/or connections. This might be a fun way to do it... It may only happen once, but I'm excited at the thought :).


Pearls of wisdom...almost enough for a bracelet.

While waiting for my 107th appointment with my ophthalmologist this afternoon, I perused Ladies Home Journal. ...Not typically a magazine I'd choose, but I'll read back issues of Highlights in a waiting room. I digress. Diane Keaton was interviewed in this particular issue. When asked what she wanted less of in her life, her response was this:

"I'd like to master conflict better, because it's a condition of life. And not take it like it's a big surprise every single time. I think it's time for me to learn not to take everything personally. It impedes growth. You're so sensitive, you're insensitive. You get so swept up in the pain of this or being rejected by that, that you can't move on to the next phase. It took a lot of time -- and therapy -- for me to catch on to that."

There's a lot to her response... I liked it so much that I asked one
the ladies in the office to photocopy the page for me. I've always thought she [Diane] was smart...and she is.

Masters Weekend

I'm working to appreciate the Masters for what it is...rather than live in this area and be completely oblivious. I am...by no means...a golf enthusiast, but...would have strong feelings about someone living in or around Tuscaloosa - and never attending a Crimson Tide game (at least once!). With that analogy, I've decided to apply (as locals are allowed) for practice round tickets next year. I may sell them, but at some point...I'll set foot on the course...and see this "heaven" which I heard about all weekend...

I had the good fortune this [Masters] weekend to meet/make some lovely new friends from Belfast, Ireland. All four are completely charming people...then too, I have such a crush on most things European :).

Sharon & Marty, both work with children and adults with special needs. It was interesting to talk with them about the services and programs offered in their area...such a contrast to what we offer here in the States.

Adrian and Jimmy comprise the folk/rock group duo...The Figurines.; Adrian is also a professor of poetry in North Carolina.

Jimmy is also a member of the Irish rock band Airspace...who has had some chart success over there.

Great food prepared by Mike and Teresa, drinks & laughter, and some fantastic music.