Coming Soon

Casey Kasem always did Long Distance Dedications...or requests & dedications...on his weekly Top 40 show... I remember loving that part of the show...and mentally composing what my dedication would be to my at-the-time-crush or "long lost friend". ...Certain that if I sent it in, it would be read on-air...and successfully be heard by the dedicatee. I was 12 or 13...I couldn't have lost anyone for too long.

Since Kasem's segment came to mind, I've decided a blog-version might be fun... There are always letters I want to write (real ones - handwritten...sent through the mail)...or thoughts I want to share...with old friends and/or connections. This might be a fun way to do it... It may only happen once, but I'm excited at the thought :).


ConsumerBlog said...

Your blog is fantastic, beautifully done and interesting. It makes me want to start my own .. but I think I can resist, looks like too much work outside of ... work. Care to explain the "Elephant ..." title?
Wendy E., Ocala FL

Amanda Rose said...

Thanks, Wendy... Miss you...and will be waiting for you to cave and create one as well. It would be a fabulous place to keep up with pictures of Sydney :).