Masters Weekend

I'm working to appreciate the Masters for what it is...rather than live in this area and be completely oblivious. I am...by no means...a golf enthusiast, but...would have strong feelings about someone living in or around Tuscaloosa - and never attending a Crimson Tide game (at least once!). With that analogy, I've decided to apply (as locals are allowed) for practice round tickets next year. I may sell them, but at some point...I'll set foot on the course...and see this "heaven" which I heard about all weekend...

I had the good fortune this [Masters] weekend to meet/make some lovely new friends from Belfast, Ireland. All four are completely charming people...then too, I have such a crush on most things European :).

Sharon & Marty, both work with children and adults with special needs. It was interesting to talk with them about the services and programs offered in their area...such a contrast to what we offer here in the States.

Adrian and Jimmy comprise the folk/rock group duo...The Figurines.; Adrian is also a professor of poetry in North Carolina.

Jimmy is also a member of the Irish rock band Airspace...who has had some chart success over there.

Great food prepared by Mike and Teresa, drinks & laughter, and some fantastic music.

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