Even Steven

I didn't post last Monday...and I didn't weigh. I had eaten nothing but trash and knew I had gained. Though I no longer have [monthly] pyramids, I am convinced my non-existent cycle still syncs up with the ladies in my office (either that, or their hormones leap off of their bodies and onto mine) because I had an insatiable craving for chocolate last week. At any rate, I let myself get away with not weighing until Wednesday...whence-upon I forced myself out of bad/avoidant behavior and onto the scale. As predicted, I had gained the puppy back.

I straightened myself up for the remainder of the week and weighed today like a good Weight Watchers girl. I've lost the puppy again, and am precisely where I was two weeks ago. Splendid. Way to break even, Amanda. Must. Press. On.

In other news....

The drawring (hello my name is Simon, and I like to do draw-rings...) was doodled during a meeting; I have a new found affection for owls. I call this one Henry. Clearly.

When typing the title for this post, I realized I had no idea where the saying came from... This is what I found. Incidentally, I was going to write 'even stephen' as this particular explanation indicates it may originally have been; plus, that's how my Dad's name is spelled. I thought it might throw people though; I decided to go with the safer of the two options.

I had about 4 inches chopped off of my hair on Saturday...I'll post a picture soon.

Grandmama was admitted to the hospital Friday evening; we spent the majority of the weekend with her there. Please keep her in yours prayers/thoughts. ...I'm praying for her comfort and for peace of heart & mind - all things she is seemingly without. It is positively heart-breaking.


The Boy

~ Winston Meigs ~

9/13/01 - 2/6/09

Winston was a sweet & handsome boy with a lovable personality; he was often admired by strangers and fellow Airedale enthusiasts. A smart boy, he was valedictorian of his obedience school class, obeyed his parents, and enjoyed the comfort of his daily routine. Winston loved to play with his "monkey" (any stuffed squeaky toy), and preferred to spend his time in the cool of the air-conditioned indoors...rather than the dry Arizona heat (he was born in Colorado). He's been with Dad & Maggie 7 of the 11 years they've been married...this certainly leaves a palpable hole in their now 2-member household. He will be dearly missed and remembered lovingly as he brought them so much joy.


Hardly a conversation piece...

It's boiled chicken. One of my favorite friends, Farrah, tagged me in this photo meme... The game goes something like this: go to 4th folder in your pictures, find the 4th photo...and post it with an explanation (and no cheating!). If you have 623,000 photos like I do and keep them remarkably organized...then just keep going to the 4th folder until you get to a 4th photo...or something like that.

The chicken. Originally, I found this picture by a search on Google Images (I needed a picture of boiled chicken); it was taken by & belongs to the owner of a Flickr account who's owner calls him/herself the food pornographer. Huh. A few years ago, I went home with a friend for Thanksgiving... His family tradition on Turkey Day, is ham. I don't eat ham. As further family tradition/daily-routine would have it, they boil chicken for their sweet little Yorkshire Terrier...who is missing a few teeth in her old age. (The boiled chicken and lack of teeth may be completely unrelated, I have no idea. They were introduced to me at the same time and so they are tied.) So the dog and I had boiled chicken and celebrated the Thanksgiving of 2006; we had to sit at a separate table and everything. Kidding.

This past year, the same friend went on a trip to NYC for Thanksgiving. I made a mixed-CD for him to load on his iPod prior to the trip. The CD needed a little punching up, a little art. When I thought of this friend and Thanksgiving...I naturally thought of boiled chicken (thus the image search). ...And there you have it.

As today's post is sponsored by the number 4, I'm supposed to tag 4 people...I'm tagging Lindsay, Elisa, Daniel, and Tim. I don't think Daniel and Tim will be very excited...but maybe they'll post about something else; it's been forever since either of them posted.


High Fructose Corn Syrup

Makes sense... I wrote last week that this was the "fun part", and that I had one week more to coast by...dropping weight like a hot potato. Little Miss Prissy Britches...all happy with myself. Pfffft.

I gained one pound this past week and chose a Coke as my visual aid because it's precisely what I gained (and it weighs one pound). I drank fully leaded Coke each morning last week, Coke Zero in the afternoons, and probably 4 drops of water. Well, maybe 16 ounces...the entire week. I was terrible.

I'll be back with a better result next Monday.