Even Steven

I didn't post last Monday...and I didn't weigh. I had eaten nothing but trash and knew I had gained. Though I no longer have [monthly] pyramids, I am convinced my non-existent cycle still syncs up with the ladies in my office (either that, or their hormones leap off of their bodies and onto mine) because I had an insatiable craving for chocolate last week. At any rate, I let myself get away with not weighing until Wednesday...whence-upon I forced myself out of bad/avoidant behavior and onto the scale. As predicted, I had gained the puppy back.

I straightened myself up for the remainder of the week and weighed today like a good Weight Watchers girl. I've lost the puppy again, and am precisely where I was two weeks ago. Splendid. Way to break even, Amanda. Must. Press. On.

In other news....

The drawring (hello my name is Simon, and I like to do draw-rings...) was doodled during a meeting; I have a new found affection for owls. I call this one Henry. Clearly.

When typing the title for this post, I realized I had no idea where the saying came from... This is what I found. Incidentally, I was going to write 'even stephen' as this particular explanation indicates it may originally have been; plus, that's how my Dad's name is spelled. I thought it might throw people though; I decided to go with the safer of the two options.

I had about 4 inches chopped off of my hair on Saturday...I'll post a picture soon.

Grandmama was admitted to the hospital Friday evening; we spent the majority of the weekend with her there. Please keep her in yours prayers/thoughts. ...I'm praying for her comfort and for peace of heart & mind - all things she is seemingly without. It is positively heart-breaking.

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