This is the fun part...

I'm drinking more Coke Zero than Coke...starting to drink more water... Re-making (for the hundredth time) the few small changes - that collectively make a ginormous difference. This is the easy part...where the pounds flee freely. Here's to this week's weight loss...4 pounds! I'd say I have another week of this light-hearted (though mindful) living to languish in... I don't think the loss will quite be 4 pounds again next week, but not...1/2 a pound either. After the re acclimation, the game will again...be on. Until then, I think it best to be in the now and enjoy my accomplishment, my loss. How nice to be dealing with a loss that bears no grief. Have a great week!!


When searching for a picture to punch up this post, I originally selected a photo of an elephant standing on a scale. That's probably me subconsciously being self-deprecating - so I'm removing it and replacing it with something more positive. When Oprah lost however much [weight] it was (that one time)...and wheeled out a wagon-o-meat, it was interesting to see how many pounds she had lost - more specifically, what they looked like (and in a wagon to boot). So the picture up top...that's a 4 pound puppy. That's what 4 pounds looks like. I lost a puppy last week. (I found the photo in Google Images...I believe it originated at dogbreedinfo.com. Thanks, puppy!)


elisa said...

I'm so proud of you! I have lost 0 pounds so far. CANNOT understand why. Oh well...I'm feeling better!

Amanda Rose said...

Thanks, love! I'm glad you're feeling better at any rate... Thanks for reading...I'm commenting back with the hopes that this will indirectly notify you of my addendum :).