Revolving Door

Grandmama was scheduled to have her PEG removed yesterday...
Instead of the operating room, she took a trip to the emergency room....with chest pains.

She was & is having heart trouble and was admitted to University Hospital yesterday afternoon. They're running tests (as usual) today...no results/information yet.

Granddaddy is clearing out her room at the nursing home as
she is not expected to return in the next day or so...and insurance won't cover both placements simultaneously. Should she be released from the hospital, we'll hope for an open room @ NHC - where she'll begin a fresh set of 100 days. She was admitted [to NHC] exactly one month ago - tomorrow. (I told someone the wrong date..sorry!)

The picture above was taken Saturday; she was laughing about being difficult/contrary. We were battling over the oxygen tube (me trying to keep it in...her pulling it out)...and she had just called herself "Bad Betty". I'll buy that. Wish I could say she looked this good yesterday...

Thinking of John...


With Love

John left us yesterday (Saturday) evening....at 5:4opm.

You can read Sally's poignant words...here.

You can leave a message for the family...here.


A Blog for John!

Sally and I spoke in the hospital about the possibility of a blog or some sort of centrally located information-source...to keep everyone updated on John.

With her blessing, I have now created one. Rather than sending mass e-mails containing her updates, I'll copy and paste them into a post.

Feel free to share the address with those you know who are concerned for John and his family. Additionally, please feel free to leave comments! I will see that Sally receives the thoughts/sentiments, and she will print them...and read them to John.

If you prefer a less public forum, please feel free to e-mail me; I have been sending Sally notes for John as soon as I receive them...and I'm more than happy to continue doing so.

With that said...I have just finished posting all of the updates (which have been sent via e-mail) from Sally up to this point; you may go here to read them. Be sure to bookmark the address...so that you can check back as often as you like!!!



Update on Betty

All set for the Vandy game...9.8.07

Not a whole lot to report...other than to say this hasn't been one of her better weeks. She hasn't felt well overall, has been nauseous each day, and has been quite contrary (Mary, Mary). Granddaddy feels that the PEG is the root cause of any and all GI trouble, and has asked that [if possible] it be removed. As a result, they'll be taking it out Monday morning... Since she's been at NHC...I [personally] feel such a disconnect in terms of her medical information/status. Granted...it's not being monitored in the same manner it has been for the last few months - so it may not be a lack of access to information, but simply less...tracking & collection. I hope that something outside of my Grandfather's request is supporting this procedure.
She's not been able to participate in therapy as much this week, and seems a bit less oriented...at times anyway. I will, of course, keep posting...thanks so much for asking about her :).


Flirting with photography...

Kevin and I did these over the weekend... I'm mostly happy
with the way they turned out and am tucking away
all that I don't love...so that can improve next time (camera settings, etc...).
I had to work with the grain, so to speak...
Yay or nay?


I'm just saying...

If the first picture wasn't convincing in terms of
resemblance...these damn near knocked me down.
Here are a couple more
of Allison + her son, Nicholas :).

T is for Therapy

Grandmama with Kimmey...7.13.08

Wanted to offer an update on Ms. Betty... She is continues to be remarkably consistent in her inconsistency. She'll have a great day, and then plummet the next. "Plummet days" take a few days to recover from...which is exhausting for her. She dreads therapy and hopes to somehow evade it each day :). Monday, she had a cardiology appointment - which she was taken to by ambulance (rough ride). Everything looked good heart-wise...and her pacemaker battery is good for one more year. She has been having significant difficulty hearing; they've been working to flush her ears this week and it has made a huge difference! She's had a decent appetite, though she got sick while eating on Wednesday...very unpleasant for her. Most evenings she falls asleep shortly after dinner...we believe she is simply worn-out from her workouts; there have been several days when it has been impossible to wake her from her sleep. With that deep sleep, she's tolerating the CPAP mask relatively well. Her oxygen tube/nose-piece is a different story altogether; she pulls it out every chance she gets. We've added a clock and calendar to her room...hoping to provide a bit of orientation. I'd like to say it's been helpful for her, but I don't know that it is. She has 3 birthdays to celebrate this month though (which are on her calendar)...Elizabeth, Brenda, and Mike! That about covers it...thanks for thinking of her...I'll be in touch :).



A Beautiful Soul


With Ray & Price @ the Mid Winter Games; 3.2.07

Bronze Medalists! 3.2.07

Dancing @ this year's Mid Winter Games...3.8.08

My dear friend and bowling partner of two years, John, is currently in critical condition...in a local ICU. He was admitted Thursday, and placed on a ventilator Saturday. My heart, though always drawn to those with special needs, beats in a special and separate way for John. Whether you pray, think, or wish…I hope that you’ll pray John is not in pain, wish for his comfort and peace, send special thoughts to his family, loved ones (of which there are many), and will guidance for those who are caring for him in the hospital.


"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."


At Least We've Come This Far

So I mentioned some time ago that I want to dedicate this space (every now and again)...to a little "Request & Dedication" action... a-la Casey Kasem. I've had several ideas which have been quieted by busy. I'm all set for this one though...:).

Out of respect for this new relationship and others who are directly (or indirectly) involved...I won't share many details; not via blog anyway. I would like to introduce those of you who don't know....to Allison. As you can see, we fell from the same tree. Same tree, different...fertilizer.

(Allison and her husband, Andy)

We met for the first time when I was 16, and she was 18.... For various reasons (vaguely understood by us), we've never been able to have a relationship. At 31 and 33...now separate from past circumstances, we're trying "us" on...and giving this sisterhood a shot. Last night, we talked for 7 hours, nearly 8 actually.

I drove (to her home) yesterday evening as Amanda...just, Amanda (read: only child). ...And left with the knowledge/awareness that...potentially (by choice & effort)/technically/and actually... I have 2 nephews, a niece, and a brother-in-law. ...And most importantly, a sister (who was also raised/identifies herself as an only-child). Pretty bizarre considering those words (nephew, etc.) have not previously been a part of my vocabulary...outside of my honorary aunt-ships for my close girlfriends and their little ones (whom I love!).

On with the Request & Dedication to Allison... (Though I'm providing the song myself...which makes it just a...dedication; I'll have to come up with a more clever name.) There is a song by Relient K...entitled "At Least We've Made it This Far". Subtracting the inapplicable romantic overtones; we have come from very different places, and yet we have made it "this far"...to this place - where we are now. And though we [collectively] have more questions than we do answers, and though we're both entering in cautiously...I feel so good about this possibility, our possibility. While it (the song) acknowledges the pain that comes with uncertainty and doubt...which we've experienced as well, the main tone (to me anyway) is sweet & hopeful. ...And I'm hopeful for us.


To listen to the song...



Grandmama moved to NHC (…which is a skilled nursing facility) last Wednesday (7/2/08). She’s adjusting…okay. The therapy is difficult for her, as is the [post-therapy] recovery. She’s been in the hospital for 3 months though…so the atrophy is to be expected. My goal is to be optimistic, but not expectant. We’ll see how it goes. Check it though. On the 3rd...exercise...flag waving... Huh...right?! They offer colorguard at this facility. I'm thrilled to bits. J/k.

I didn’t write anything about SYTYCD dance last week… I enjoyed talking with Elisa on the phone afterward…almost more than I enjoyed the show; we had to hang up so I could vote :). I liked both pieces by Mia Michaels…but that’s nearly a given. ...And though Jessica doesn't do much for me, I really enjoyed Mandy Moore's piece to Alone (by Heart)...using the shirt. Twitch didn’t go home (yay)...and though I like Kourtni (more so in her audition than on the show), I’m okay with who did [go home]. I hope there’s a little more oomph this week…

I spent the 4th with my family…out and my aunt and uncle’s homestead (Brenda & Max). I was able to see my cousins and the products of their lovely gene pools. Seriously. My cousins have some cute kids. Pictures

The 4th was an eventful day; I’ll have to post more later… I’m out of time and I’m not sure my thoughts & emotions are all tied up and ready to be presented just yet. Good day though. Good day.


Not exactly a classic...

Taken in Biloxi...circa 1987. I don't remember the ballet routine, but there was a jazz piece to Neutron Dance by the Pointer Sisters; it contained a fierce shoulder shimmy.

My hair is out of my face, my arms and legs are exposed, I have on a tutu (read: skirt), sequins, and a bright color. It's all that my friends & family have ever asked for, and it happened when I was 11. Enjoy it :).