Update on Betty

All set for the Vandy game...9.8.07

Not a whole lot to report...other than to say this hasn't been one of her better weeks. She hasn't felt well overall, has been nauseous each day, and has been quite contrary (Mary, Mary). Granddaddy feels that the PEG is the root cause of any and all GI trouble, and has asked that [if possible] it be removed. As a result, they'll be taking it out Monday morning... Since she's been at NHC...I [personally] feel such a disconnect in terms of her medical information/status. Granted...it's not being monitored in the same manner it has been for the last few months - so it may not be a lack of access to information, but simply less...tracking & collection. I hope that something outside of my Grandfather's request is supporting this procedure.
She's not been able to participate in therapy as much this week, and seems a bit less oriented...at times anyway. I will, of course, keep posting...thanks so much for asking about her :).

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