Up, up and away!

I really want to share this, but need to do so without names/identifying details. It will either go well or flatly. We'll see. Read with the understanding that it's always better when you're actually there (re: had to be there)...this was just so funny...and so...honest.

True story.

I had a lovely dinner with 4 friends of varying ages at a local italian restaurant last week. As you'd expect we laughed and talked about everything...pets, work, football, food, men, sex, etc... One of my friends shared that she (as a fan of an opposing SEC school) just recently learned the meaning of "Roll Tide" from an Alabama fan she knows. Whist concealing my disappointment and embarrassment for my fellow Bama fan (though really...we may need to revoke his/her membership), I shared with her the true meaning of Roll Tide...and the conversation moved on. The friend sitting across from me...shared that she had also recently learned something new... She had just learned what the "Mile High Club" was (apparently it's a proper noun...I'm capitalizing). We laughed for a moment with her as she shared her [recent] processing of the term... The friend to the left of me chimed in, and shared that the topic (Mile High Club) had come up in a joke amongst friends at a conference [also recently]...and then asked the friend across from me [almost hopefully]... "Well, have you ever been in a hot-air balloon? I just can't imagine... I mean...you'd be so close to the driver."

Everyone fell silent. I think my bread slipped to my plate...with my fingers still in bread-holding position.

I consciously turned my head completely to the left to face her.

...What the hell are you talking about?!

...hot air balloons...

...the Mile High Club is...it's about airplanes...

...no, well then it's hot air balloons too...

...no, hot air balloons don't even go one mile high...and even still there's a basket, and just...airplanes!...

...beautiful friend...with an intensely red face...

It was absolutely one of the best laughs I've had in a long time and a fantastic story that may not deliver well in text. We'll see. It brought us GREAT joy...and I wanted to at least take a crack at sharing it. ...Sex in a hot air balloon. That deserves it's own name, or at least it's own branch of the Mile High Club.


Don't Be Daft

If you're feeling a bit nerdy, check in with a newly created blog my friend & coworker, Renee, and I are writing.

The content is inspired by things we come across at work that make us laugh... For as long as we've been working together, we've been entertained by weird article titles and shared them with each other (we work in a medical library...basically assisting people with research). Renee has been better about saving them and I've been telling her she should write about all that she finds for months now. The only way I could make it happen was to start it myself; now that I have...I'm hoping she'll dive in. She really is much better about paying attention, though now that we're blogging....I'll be more alert.

The title - Don't Be Daft - was inspired by a group home resident I worked with Charlotte. Unusually for a severely autistic adult, Derek is verbal. Not only is he verbal...but he was raised in England. The accent and colloquialisms made life much more interesting; not that we needed added drama at the group home. Derek called me "Damanda"... And whenever he felt anyone he was being silly, he would say (let's say he was talking to me)...with both hands placed expectantly on his hips....Damanda, don't be daft. That, among other things, stayed with me and came to mind when titling the blog.

So anyway... Assuming we keep up with it...it's there :). Check it out, if you're so inclined.


Addendum; Kiki


When we arrived at the restaurant for Shauntice's birthday, I naturally asked to speak to Kiki (re: Randomanda). Afterall, we'd had such a memorable exchange over the phone and she had said was looking forward to meeting me as well. Sadly, it was her night off. Blast. The other staff were also very pleasant and offered for me to leave her a note. ...Which I did. Thought to share.


Homecoming in Tuscaloosa

Though it's been a couple of weeks...I wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend of the 1st. Forgive the cliche, but it truly was a whirlwind couple of days. Kristin flew in Thursday night - I worked Friday (she spent a bit of time with Grandmama) - we drove to Chris's parents' house on the outskirts of Birmingham after I got off work (also Halloween) - drove to Tuscaloosa the following morning (Saturday) - decided against marching pre-game because there was just too little time - attended the 3rd Annual Drumline Tailgate - went to the Bama vs. Arkansas State game - drove back to Birmingham for Shauntice's birthday dinner - stayed the night @ Shauntice's - enjoyed brunch prepared by Shauntice Sunday morning - drove back to North Augusta with two stops along the way...World Market & Godfather's Pizza - Kris flew back to DE Monday after another visit with Grandmama...and a little travel adventure. We had a great time and I was able see some friends I hadn't seen in years; also missed those who couldn't make it...among them, congrats to Daniel and Laura on their new bundle - Lorelai Sage Galyean :). Thanks, Kris, for graciously suffering my usual flitting social habits. Roll Tide, Roll!!!

(My Halloween costume...)

Kris & Grandmama

Miss Addison Horton...my first time getting to meet her!

Addison & Kaylin

Melinda, Dalisha, and Candy

Kellie & Johnny Pulliam...with their son, Tucker

Me and Kristin...

Leigh...once a student @ Winfield...now a drum major for the MDB; SO proud of her...and all of the WCHS kids for that matter.


Roll Tide!!!