Blog Woes + A Randomanda

Girl starts blog. Girl applies cute (according to her taste) template. It works. Girl gets tired of template and finds another; applies it (also thinks it looks a bit like something she would be willing to hang on a wall in her home). No one can "comment" on posts and girl feels like she is writing to herself; in essence, she is...so this is probably a more authentic approach. Still, she digs the feedback and misses hearing from her friends. Sadly, she deletes her cute template (though she's smart and saved it elsewhere) and goes with one of Blogger's plain-jane templates. Still, the comment function does not work. WTH?! Girl's friends comment on her blog via e-mail and Facebook; she'll have to take it...and be thankful someone is reading. Thanks Trey & Jessica :).

a) When I have time/energy and am improperly distracted from my priorities, I'll start over (template-wise) completely.

b) Once I change templates...I may never change again. You have to go back and change font color on previous posts (which I haven't done more than 5 posts back) if the font color blends into the background... Maybe that's why the smart people always use a light layout. Huh.

Randomanda story.

Shauntice's birthday is this Saturday... Kristin is flying down from DE (we're going to Homecoming - SO excited), and then to see Shauntice and celebrate her presence on earth. I can't remember the last time we did something for her birthday; we used to just do one dinner for all 3 of our birthdays. Anyway. Shauntice picked the restaurant, and I sent the evite. I called yesterday to make our reservation and needed to give my first and last name when paying the deposit. Amanda didn't stump me...but the phonetics of Meigs did. I was speaking to a lovely person named Kiki...

Kiki: Card number?

Me: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Kiki: Expiration?

Me: xx/xxxx

Kiki: First name?

Me: Amanda.

Kiki: Last name?

Me: Meigs. "M" as in Mary...e, i, g..."g" as in.... .... .... ....

Kiki: ....God?

Me: Yes! That works. ...Because all I could think to say was gastroenterology.

...M-e-i-g-"s"...as in Sam.

Kiki: *laughing* I can't wait to meet you; this is the most interesting conversation I've had all day.

Me: Fantastic, I'll see you Saturday.


Leah said...

Humm, what happened to your pretty template. This is such a random collection. Much like your thought process. I must hang out with you too much, it made perfect sense to me. Probably not a good sign.

Amanda Rose said...

I think it's a fine sign :).

Kelley Mayer said...

I promise I stop by here every now and then, I just never comment. I love the randomamanda story.

Amanda Rose said...

Thanks, love :).