Homecoming in Tuscaloosa

Though it's been a couple of weeks...I wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend of the 1st. Forgive the cliche, but it truly was a whirlwind couple of days. Kristin flew in Thursday night - I worked Friday (she spent a bit of time with Grandmama) - we drove to Chris's parents' house on the outskirts of Birmingham after I got off work (also Halloween) - drove to Tuscaloosa the following morning (Saturday) - decided against marching pre-game because there was just too little time - attended the 3rd Annual Drumline Tailgate - went to the Bama vs. Arkansas State game - drove back to Birmingham for Shauntice's birthday dinner - stayed the night @ Shauntice's - enjoyed brunch prepared by Shauntice Sunday morning - drove back to North Augusta with two stops along the way...World Market & Godfather's Pizza - Kris flew back to DE Monday after another visit with Grandmama...and a little travel adventure. We had a great time and I was able see some friends I hadn't seen in years; also missed those who couldn't make it...among them, congrats to Daniel and Laura on their new bundle - Lorelai Sage Galyean :). Thanks, Kris, for graciously suffering my usual flitting social habits. Roll Tide, Roll!!!

(My Halloween costume...)

Kris & Grandmama

Miss Addison Horton...my first time getting to meet her!

Addison & Kaylin

Melinda, Dalisha, and Candy

Kellie & Johnny Pulliam...with their son, Tucker

Me and Kristin...

Leigh...once a student @ Winfield...now a drum major for the MDB; SO proud of her...and all of the WCHS kids for that matter.


Roll Tide!!!

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