Blog Woes + A Randomanda

Girl starts blog. Girl applies cute (according to her taste) template. It works. Girl gets tired of template and finds another; applies it (also thinks it looks a bit like something she would be willing to hang on a wall in her home). No one can "comment" on posts and girl feels like she is writing to herself; in essence, she is...so this is probably a more authentic approach. Still, she digs the feedback and misses hearing from her friends. Sadly, she deletes her cute template (though she's smart and saved it elsewhere) and goes with one of Blogger's plain-jane templates. Still, the comment function does not work. WTH?! Girl's friends comment on her blog via e-mail and Facebook; she'll have to take it...and be thankful someone is reading. Thanks Trey & Jessica :).

a) When I have time/energy and am improperly distracted from my priorities, I'll start over (template-wise) completely.

b) Once I change templates...I may never change again. You have to go back and change font color on previous posts (which I haven't done more than 5 posts back) if the font color blends into the background... Maybe that's why the smart people always use a light layout. Huh.

Randomanda story.

Shauntice's birthday is this Saturday... Kristin is flying down from DE (we're going to Homecoming - SO excited), and then to see Shauntice and celebrate her presence on earth. I can't remember the last time we did something for her birthday; we used to just do one dinner for all 3 of our birthdays. Anyway. Shauntice picked the restaurant, and I sent the evite. I called yesterday to make our reservation and needed to give my first and last name when paying the deposit. Amanda didn't stump me...but the phonetics of Meigs did. I was speaking to a lovely person named Kiki...

Kiki: Card number?

Me: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Kiki: Expiration?

Me: xx/xxxx

Kiki: First name?

Me: Amanda.

Kiki: Last name?

Me: Meigs. "M" as in Mary...e, i, g..."g" as in.... .... .... ....

Kiki: ....God?

Me: Yes! That works. ...Because all I could think to say was gastroenterology.

...M-e-i-g-"s"...as in Sam.

Kiki: *laughing* I can't wait to meet you; this is the most interesting conversation I've had all day.

Me: Fantastic, I'll see you Saturday.


Jacket Regiment Guard @ Lower State

Next set is the Jacket Regiment Guard from North Augusta High School (turns out I'm working with two groups this season); they compete in 4A...and placed 2nd out of 11 bands - a personal best! The guard had a phenomenal show; made me cry...which is the measure of a particularly fantastic performance by my standards (;. Kevin & I were super proud :). We're also working to fix a few things this week...hoping to improve for Saturday. ...Also a hard working group...with a colorguard class each day + practice after school, and mini-camps when added. It definitely showed (and right on time) this weekend :).


Silver Spirit Guard @ Lower State

Wanted to share pictures from Lower State...which took place in Charleston this past weekend. Each year, South Carolina is divided into upper and lower state (preliminary competition) - and then into classes according to school size 2A-5A. The top 6 from each class (in each division) qualify for finals - State.

This is the Silver Spirit Guard from Silver Bluff High School...the defending 2A Lower State and State Champions (2005 & 2007). The girls had a pretty solid performance, and the band placed 3rd out of 14 bands. So they, along with the 5 other qualifying 2A bands from Lower State, will be competing against the top 6 2A bands from Upper State. We'll be working this week to be sure the final performance this weekend --> is the best of their entire season; it's time to peak! Proud of this group's work ethic & discipline...always willing to put in extra time + the entire band was out in the rain until 9pm Friday night.



Not that Homecoming, not yet anyway (Roll Tide!)...

Kimmey (my very dear & sweet cousin whom I love to bits and pieces) and her husband, Ben, have been separated for 15 months; Ben has been in Iraq. As of April 29th, 2008...they'd been married one year. Ben returned home Tuesday (10.7.08) !!! Needless to say...they are thrilled to be back together, and we're thrilled for him to be home (and for them to be together)..:). Admittedly (and a bit sadly), I barely know Ben... It makes my heart happy to know Kimmey is so happy, and I can't wait to get to know Ben - who is...again, sadly...a UGA fan - much better. Love to you both!!! ...And Ben, thank you for your service...

P.S. To watch one of the local new station's coverage, go here.

P.P.S. I'm including a picture of their pups, Bella & Corky, as well. I can't get over how they sit/hang out on a daily basis; it's such a trip.


klay d. langken

Constant Craving by k.d.lang is a good song... She's certainly not without. ...But when is the last time you saw her? k.d., I mean.

My co-worker and friend, Renee, and I were discussing Clay Aiken's cover on People magazine; (there is a copy in our office). Well, not the cover so much... I said I thought his foundation/skin was really pretty (and also his lip gloss-like-stuff), and what if one of the make-up companies...like Cover-Girl or Neutrogena...used him in an ad campaign. Renee wasn't digging his hair color and kept thinking he looked like someone, but couldn't quite think of who... Then it came to her...it was k.d. lang!

We realized...we haven't SEEN or HEARD k.d. in ages. Renee hypothesized that Clay may well be k.d....and k.d., Clay.

Artistically/musically, if forced to choose between the two...I'd choose k.d.. I've never been a fan of Clay and he's fast approaching a very specific group of artists I dislike; the group includes: Michael Bolton, Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart, and Phil Collins. I should disclaim that all but Michael have at least one song that I like...but as a whole...I can't handle them. I'm forgetting someone...there's a 5th (pre-Clay) member...

At any rate... Whether they are [in fact] one person, or two, all the best to klay d. langken...life + baby + career(s)! Can't deny the resemblance...


Martha Jane

Picnik (in addition to having a fun new collage function) has - more importantly - gone pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which is this month...October).

With love for MaMaw...who lost who her battle with cancer 10.13.2000.

~ PaPaw & MaMaw (taken in 1993) ~

I know several people participating in the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure this year... If you'd like to donate, here's one option... My cousin, Teresa, and her daughter (Sarah) will both be racing! Click here to donate to their campaign; our cousin, Lorrie, is on their team as well :). Not only are they family...but good people, I tell you. Bama fans!


Kentucky Random

Kentucky's mascot is a wildcat...which actually looks (in person)...like a really big squirrel. Seriously. See? Here he/she is getting ready to play basketball...

One year, during pre-game (football), their big squirrel came and snatched my flag away from me. It caught me off guard (no pun intended)...it would anyone, really. A life-sized rodent? C'mon.

Big Al chased that big squirrel down (halfway around the field!) and brought my flag back to me. Thanks, Big AL.

I looked on Kentucky's website and learned they, like many SEC schools...have a slightly odd mascot tradition. In addition to the squirrel-like wildcat, they have a newer - more "child-friendly" wildcat...name "Scratch". Both mascots attend games. ...And then their live mascot - is a bobcat. Wth? In the Q&A section...someone asks if a bobcat is the same as a wildcat. Their answer? "In Kentucky it is!". Lol. Kentucky mascot info.

Looking forward to Saturday...ROLL TIDE!!!


Losing face...I mean weight. Update! (corrected!)

*Thanks to Brenda for reminding me that we threw out the first week's numbers, and bought a new set of scales...so our second week was technically our first. With revised calculations...*

♦ Team Mealing♦
Max & Brenda
Currently in the lead...having lost a clean 5% thus far. WOO-HOO!!!

♦ Team Meigs♦
Mike & Teresa
In second place...also with 5% (4.7%). Yay!

♦ Team Roseland♦
Amanda, Kimmey, & Daryl
Last. Yes, last. We've lost 3% of our collective weights. Rally!
I, personally...have lost 17 pounds thus far;
make that 10 with the first week thrown out.

The pot...

Thus far, the winning team stands to split $180;
contest doesn't end until 12/15/08 though!.
Each of the 7 players had to put in $25 to participate...and so far only one person (that would be me) has had a gaining week;
I had to pay up $5.00.
If you'd like to know more about our little contest...check it out here.