Terms & Conditions

Meigs/Mealing/Roseland Weight Loss Challenge!!!
As agreed on by all members, August 11th, 2008.

♦ Official Challenge Dates:
Start date - 8/11/08
End date - 12/15/08

♦ Only Challenge members will know each other’s weights.

♦ We wish ALL members success.
This is, afterall, a contest.
Trash talk is welcome & expected.

I. Each member will put $25.00 in the pot;
you can make payments if necessary :).

II. Members will weigh in each Sunday; one member of
ANOTHER team must be present to confirm weight.

III. If any member gains [any amount of weight] during the week,
they must put an additional $5.00 in the pot (flat fee for weight gain).

IV. Team with the highest percentage of
weight lost…wins the challenge!
The pot will be split evenly amongst the winning team.

Slight change up in the teams!!!

Team Mealing
Max & Brenda

♦ Team Meigs♦
Teresa & Mike

Team Roseland (Rose + Strickland)♦
Amanda, Kimmey, & Daryl

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