Not our best photo...I'll have to deframe and scan my favorites!

I have had this on my mind for a few weeks now and I'm excited to be getting around to it :). I'll count it as my second Request & Dedication (minus "Request" since it's not applicable - I have yet to come up with a clever name).

In 1995...through colorguard at Bama...I met Patricia. I remember one of our first conversations sitting out on the field...we'll say - near the 20 yard line - and just talking; fiddling with the grass. At the time...it (the conversation) was about a boy. I'm sure it often was.

She was a constant in my Tuscaloosa experience...and someone whom I learned so much from. Much of it came to light later for me, but it did eventually come. Though a student of social work, I think it's fair/honest to say...that I majored in colorguard. Most of my memories certainly include her...we traveled together, practiced and performed together, drove through looking at Christmas lights (woo-hoo!), attended and hosted parties, shared holidays & music...and laughed. Her family welcomed me into their home for a lovely Christmas (?) one year; her mother gifted me baby muffin pans - which I still have a crush on :). Baby muffins...what's not to adore? ...And each time I returned to Tuscaloosa before the dorms re-opened from the holidays (typically to prepare for a bowl game peformance), she allowed me a place to crash.

I helped her move to Jacksonville, FL...and was honored to be a part of her wedding. We drifted apart during what I unaffectionately term the "year from hell' in Charlotte. I'm quite sure the drifting was mine to claim, as I was remarkably unhappy. However...a bright and very special event during that time...was an unexpected gift from a thoughtful, generous, and expecting-nothing-in-return Patricia. There was a necklace of hers which I had admired for YEARS. Patricia sent it to me while living in Charlotte...to help me through that time. It reached my heart in a way - and through a path - which I certain was closed for extended renovations. To this day, it (the necklace) is one of my most prized positions and also remains one of the best unexpected gifts I've received. I'm certain that people come in and out of our lives - leaving their distinctive impression - for specific reasons/periods of time. To that end, she educated me as only she could...and was someone I looked up to (and still do) in terms of ambition, discipline, and continued growth.

I've missed her...and we've written a bit recently. I am hopeful...and prayerful...in our rekindling...and hope to fill the place in my heart earned & reserved specifically for this special friendship.

Rather than a song...I am dedicating a (1) a favorite video of ours, and (2) a favorite commerical. Hope you love them, Pattywak!

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