Here we go Team Rose, here we go *clap* clap*!!

The gist...

My aunt & uncle (Brenda & Max)...stated Saturday that they would begin Weight Watchers today (Monday...the 11th); I said, "cool....I'll do it as well".

Sunday...Brenda called and said "it's on". Another aunt & uncle (Teresa & Mike) would begin their efforts to lose weight as well...hence, a competition/weight-loss challenge was born.
(Cue dramatic music.)

...So it would be the Meigs versus the Mealings.

At this point my cousin, Kimmey, and I formed a
third team...the Roses (we share our middle name).

So...now...it's really on.
We weigh in tonight and lay out the terms of the competition.
I'm excited and plan to blog our progress :).
I'll share pounds lost each week...or every two weeks...whatever we decide this evening.

Hope everyone has a great first day (!)...trash talk to begin
once terms of challenge have been negotiated.
Until then...the players are below...

Team Mealing (Max & Brenda)

Team Meigs (Teresa, Mike, and Daryl)

TEAM ROSE!!! (Amanda & Kimmey)


Allison said...

Goooooooooooooo Team ROSE!!!

Nicole Mealing said...

now you know it wouldn't be fair to ask us to choose sides! lol =]
wish you all success!
Nicole and Fam!

Amanda Rose said...

Lol...of course not! Not requesting taking of sides...(though technically...you are Mealings)! Just wanted to put it out (our contest) there...maybe hold us all a bit more accountable :).

In the end, if we lose [weight]...then everyone wins, right? It's the bragging rights, you see...that will heighten the motivation factor :).

Thanks for your wishes of success!

Hope y'all are well... Love.