These three things...

With Little Bruce...Memorial Day 2007

First, Grandmama. Things have been fairly quiet for her lately which is generally a good thing. The week before last was a pretty good week and I would term last week a mediocre one. She's been dealing with a UTI and a bit of a cough, but is hangin' in well with her PT. She has a weekend nurse, Lakish, (a bit of a warrior - I LOVE her) who has been vigilant in treating Grandmama's infection. Just nice to have a fresh set of eyes looking at the problem... Also, Grandmama had her PEG removed Friday. She's still sore, but happy to have it out. We'll see how therapy goes this week. Outside of just wanting to go home, her main complaint is the food...which does seem to have dropped off in quality for some reason. Yesterday, she had the "terriblist" banana pudding she'd ever had :).

Numero dos... The Weight Loss Challenge!!! Upon the weigh in this Saturday, we are all losers again (cue Beck song, "Loser"...). WOO-HOO!!! The numbers (for this week only)...

Team Mealing
Brenda.... minus 2 (pounds)
Max... - minus 3

Team Meigs
Teresa... minus 4
Mike... minus 3

Team Roseland
Kimmey... minus 3
Daryl... minus 3
Amanda... minus 5

And finally... Football season is merely DAYS away now...ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! I can taste it and couldn't be more excited. Our season opener is against Clemson (reminder: I live in South Carolina)...and will be played in the GA Dome @ 7pm CST.

Let's go BAMA, clap clap...clapclap!!!

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