Pineapple, pineapple, pineapple.

A month or so ago...I was flipping through the channels and stopped on QVC because I was fascinated by a demo they were doing - which featured a pineapple slicer. I showed the video to several people...my supervisor, Lisa, being one of them. She was also intrigued, so we ordered the gadget via QVC's website. You can watch the video that convinced me to buy it here; you can also drag the marker dealio and skip the intro.

I've been dying to try it out and was stoked that the coworker - whose name I had drawn in our drawing-of-names-for-birthday-treats - had requested fruit for his birthday. Alas (!), an occasion to use the slicer!

I am giddy to report that it works exactly as advertised, and think my red cutting board provides a particularly lovely contrast. Lisa did the honors...check it out...

In an unrelated story... I had a solo (singing) once in our Christmas choral performance at school (we were living in Mississippi at the time). We sang I song called "I Want", and the lyric I was meant to sing by myself was..."I want a camera". I was terrified and barely whispered the words into the mic during the performance. My step-mother at the time told me after the performance...that I might as well have sung "pineapple, pineapple, pineapple"...no one would have known the difference. I thought of that when trying to come up with a title for this post. Put me on a field (with a flag to spin) in front of thousands & thousands of people - I'm okay (ROLL TIDE!). Put me on a stage in front of 200 people and ask me to speak or sing - I shut down. Go figure.


Leah said...

Speaking = scary
flags = fun
totally different

Kim said...

i LOVE this post. i am so thrilled that you got to use the pineapple gadget. i know you have been super excited to use it. i also love the story of your timidness (thats a word right?)! anyways. I LOVE IT!