Happy as an...anemone.

Love this picture of Grandmama and some of the ladies from Rose's (a store somewhere between Wal-mart and a department store - conceptually, not physically); not sure what year it was taken.

So guess who left the nursing home...and went HOME today? Correct! Though...she's the only person I've been talking about in a nursing home...so... At any rate, Ms. Betty is indeed back at home and happy as a clam.

Aside: "Happy as a clam" just rolled out of my brain, but as I wrote it...I realized I have no idea what it means. Where did this come from and how do you know a clam is happy? Are the curves of their shells constant and natural smiles? I looked it up and prefer this Brit's take.

Back to Betty. She's at home and, per usual upon release from hospital, she'll receive care from a home health nurse & physical therapist. There may be additional arrangements/care; I'm not sure. She is in...fair condition. I'm happy for her that she is in her own home, her own chair, her own bed, surrounded by her own things, and with her husband. Sadly, I don't think she'll be home for long; I don't believe she will remain well enough...and I don't think we can provide the level of care she needs. ...Not on a daily...or hourly basis. ...And not while maintaining our jobs, etc... She's there for now :).

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