77 Years Young...

Yesterday, August 12th, was Granddaddy's 77th birthday!
Happy Birthday, Elliott!!

Brenda & Max treated Grandmama & Granddaddy both to a lovely [birthday] shrimp dinner from Rhineharts; YUM! (...we couldn't remember the last time Grandmama had shrimp!) They enjoyed it so much and ate in the comfort of Grandmama's room @ NHC.

Between the homecooked meals from Brenda over the weeks
(black-eyed peas + cornbread!),
the super tasty chicken & ribs from Mike & Teresa on Sunday
(and various other plates a-la M&T over the weeks),
a steak dinner from Kimmey & me Monday night,
and Rhineharts last night...I'd say Granddaddy has had some pleasant breaks in his recently adopted diet of sandwiches + canned beans and Vienna sausage (ick).

Grandmama in one of her new "workout" outfits...

The birthday boy! (...ever the smiler.)
Granddaddy & Brenda



Allison said...

Grandmama looks good!!! Yummy shrimp...

Nicole Mealing said...

Mmmm... wish I had personal Chef's and a Catering Service! lol
as always, thinking of Grandma!
Nicole and Fam