I love Jim Halpert.

Jim Halpert. John Krasinski's character on The Office. I adore him. I'm aware he's fictional; that makes him no less real than my current boyfriend. I hope you'll accept this declaration [of my love] and be happy for us.

Pretty sure this will be the final post of 2008...Happy New Year!!!


Randomanda VII

(Continuing from Myspace...where I posted the first 6 installments with Myspace's blog feature - before I graduated to Blogger.)

*I have no idea what "twice removed" means. I wonder if I have any family members who are removed? I hope they've been re-placed.

*I think the Jimmy Dean commercials with the sun, moon, and fog are actually pretty cute; if unfamiliar watch here. I also like the Comcast turtles/tortoises (I'm not sure which they are)...and still cannot stand the damn Charmin bears.

*I think Strap Perfect is a fantastic invention. I'd like to have one; they come in 3's...I'll split them with someone (or sometwo). I think it's funny that I couldn't remember the name when typing this...and first typed Straptastic. I wonder if they considered that name? It's a little piece of smartly formed plastic; she's probably making a million. I think her first draft was probably one of those little discs that shoot out of toy guns.

*I was deeply disappointed with my Bare Minerals introduction @ Sephora. I've so been looking forward to using the products and looked so...made up. Perhaps we didn't swirl, tap, and buff correctly...but it didn't work out.

*As I sat waiting for my bags @ the airport, I wondered who determined the ideal speed for the belt on the baggage carousel...? Was there an engineer involved...who used some sort of height/angle/lift/average weight ratio...or did they just try different speeds and have the worker who drew the shortest straw run around chasing bags to see which speed fit best?

*I've learned it's very dangerous to eat Jelly Bellies in the dark while driving...not being able see which ones you're eating. I incorrectly thought Santa had placed Tropical Jelly Bellies in my stocking...when in fact, they were regular Jelly Bellies. I ended up with popcorn, pear, and coffee in my mouth all at once...travesty. Either eat them in the daylight or turn on the dome light (which I opted for); this allows you to re-select flavors and toss the brown ones.

*Not to slight the color brown; brown M&Ms are my favorite. Nothing to do with The Wedding Planner...though I do enjoy Matthew McConaughey. Speaking of which...while @ Sephora, I was able to smell him (Dolce & Gabana). Delicioso.

*My friend Patricia and I once signed an online petition to save the pineapple flavored Life Saver. I recently bought a roll of tropical Life Savers (without reading the description of flavors on the side) in hopes of reuniting my palate with the pineapple goodness. The yellow one was banana flavored.

*I really don't have a fixation with tropical flavored candies.

*When flying, I will order/request ginger-ale 99.8% of the time. I prefer Canada Dry.

*I enjoy flip-flops as much as the next girl, but have no desire to place a flip-flop bumper-sticker on my back-shield. I don't understand these stickers. I have little appreciation for bumper-stickers, period. ...Flip-flops enthusiasts though? Whatever blows your skirt up...(the cute t-length one...the one you wear with your flip-flops).

We're not in Wal-Green's anymore...

What the hell...really?! It's necessary to lock up the St. Ives??

I asked a store associate about this...she looked at me like... Well, it's difficult to describe her expression b/c she was more expressionLESS and vacant than anything else, but she definitely indicated the locks were a necessity & not ridiculous enough to merit their own photo. To be fair, this particular CVS does live in a sketchy locale. Hmmm. I must have looked like a drug store tourist.

I left with two thoughts... 1) I wish I needed some liquid Dial; I'd like to see the doors unlocked and then feel a little weird about the fact my body wash came from lock-up. B) I wonder how they determined which soaps qualified for a life behind panes of glass... Probably just anything $3.50 and up, but still... I feel sorry for the soaps didn't make it, and especially the bar soaps below...living a life of suds-less ridicule.


A coconut shell...b/c I need more space than a walnut.

Where to start...

"Note to self: posting more regularly would prevent lengthy posts that are difficult for others to get through...*

Thanksgiving was lovely; my Aunt Brenda prepared SUCH a delicious meal. It's rare that (regardless of where you are) everything is good...and everything WAS good. 4 of the 7 little cousins were present. Their ability to generate such volume & energy is...amazing. I likened it to leaving a concert; it's a good show, but your ears ring for an hour after you've left. Grandmama and Granddaddy enjoyed their plates from Brenda's... To finish the day properly, I spent some time with my other family...the Johnsons <3.

Next up...birthday!!! I love birthdays and this year was one of the best I've had...it was fantastic! My friends, Matt & Leah, came to town from Tallassee, AL and it was so, so great to see them. They treated me to dinner to a lovely dinner @ Miyabi Friday night; so much fun. Saturday morning, Lindsay arranged for a brunch.... It made my heart so fuzzy and happy to have friends make time to spend and be a part of my birthday. I loved that Matt & Leah were up for brunch with a bunch of strangers...as were Kimmey & Ben, and Kevin. (If you live in the area, Crums on Central is working it's way up to one of my favorite local restaurants.) Phone calls, e-mails, comments, voicemail serenades, a sweet office party, and chocolate pie from Teresa completed the day...Dad's singing is the call I look forward to most. Posting a few of my favorite photos...the entire album is in Picasa. The only people I didn't get to see that I planned to...were Chris & Tiff. I was scared to drive Sipsey to ATL; even with the patch (and the gum), she won't quit smoking.

As my birthday gift, Kevin provided me with my first [Christmas] tree! I certainly had them growing up, I've just never had my own. His [my tree's] name is Owen...and I enjoy him every day :). I also put lights outside...another first; apparently feeling super festive this year. I've attended a few Christmas parties...the pictures below are from the one @ the nursing home (plus my tree!). Grandmama adored Santa Claus and was disappointed when the framed picture I gave her for Christmas was of me and her...and not her and Santa. The pictures of her are great, though not exactly representative of how she's been lately.

So now it's off to Phoenix for a visit with Dad and Maggie :). This semester has been frocked with illness following the car accident. As a result, I am having to shorten my trip by one day (not enough leave :/). I wish we didn't have to make the [time] adjustment, but am just excited to see them at all...should be great :). I don't know if it's a combination of feeling good for the first time in awhile, the great birthday, the growth in the last year, Alabama's football season (lol) - (I know, Farrah....), or just...timing, but I have a super pleasant optimistic vibe about this next year. We shall see...

Wishing everyone an amazing & safe holiday... Love!