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"Note to self: posting more regularly would prevent lengthy posts that are difficult for others to get through...*

Thanksgiving was lovely; my Aunt Brenda prepared SUCH a delicious meal. It's rare that (regardless of where you are) everything is good...and everything WAS good. 4 of the 7 little cousins were present. Their ability to generate such volume & energy is...amazing. I likened it to leaving a concert; it's a good show, but your ears ring for an hour after you've left. Grandmama and Granddaddy enjoyed their plates from Brenda's... To finish the day properly, I spent some time with my other family...the Johnsons <3.

Next up...birthday!!! I love birthdays and this year was one of the best I've had...it was fantastic! My friends, Matt & Leah, came to town from Tallassee, AL and it was so, so great to see them. They treated me to dinner to a lovely dinner @ Miyabi Friday night; so much fun. Saturday morning, Lindsay arranged for a brunch.... It made my heart so fuzzy and happy to have friends make time to spend and be a part of my birthday. I loved that Matt & Leah were up for brunch with a bunch of strangers...as were Kimmey & Ben, and Kevin. (If you live in the area, Crums on Central is working it's way up to one of my favorite local restaurants.) Phone calls, e-mails, comments, voicemail serenades, a sweet office party, and chocolate pie from Teresa completed the day...Dad's singing is the call I look forward to most. Posting a few of my favorite photos...the entire album is in Picasa. The only people I didn't get to see that I planned to...were Chris & Tiff. I was scared to drive Sipsey to ATL; even with the patch (and the gum), she won't quit smoking.

As my birthday gift, Kevin provided me with my first [Christmas] tree! I certainly had them growing up, I've just never had my own. His [my tree's] name is Owen...and I enjoy him every day :). I also put lights outside...another first; apparently feeling super festive this year. I've attended a few Christmas parties...the pictures below are from the one @ the nursing home (plus my tree!). Grandmama adored Santa Claus and was disappointed when the framed picture I gave her for Christmas was of me and her...and not her and Santa. The pictures of her are great, though not exactly representative of how she's been lately.

So now it's off to Phoenix for a visit with Dad and Maggie :). This semester has been frocked with illness following the car accident. As a result, I am having to shorten my trip by one day (not enough leave :/). I wish we didn't have to make the [time] adjustment, but am just excited to see them at all...should be great :). I don't know if it's a combination of feeling good for the first time in awhile, the great birthday, the growth in the last year, Alabama's football season (lol) - (I know, Farrah....), or just...timing, but I have a super pleasant optimistic vibe about this next year. We shall see...

Wishing everyone an amazing & safe holiday... Love!

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