We're not in Wal-Green's anymore...

What the hell...really?! It's necessary to lock up the St. Ives??

I asked a store associate about this...she looked at me like... Well, it's difficult to describe her expression b/c she was more expressionLESS and vacant than anything else, but she definitely indicated the locks were a necessity & not ridiculous enough to merit their own photo. To be fair, this particular CVS does live in a sketchy locale. Hmmm. I must have looked like a drug store tourist.

I left with two thoughts... 1) I wish I needed some liquid Dial; I'd like to see the doors unlocked and then feel a little weird about the fact my body wash came from lock-up. B) I wonder how they determined which soaps qualified for a life behind panes of glass... Probably just anything $3.50 and up, but still... I feel sorry for the soaps didn't make it, and especially the bar soaps below...living a life of suds-less ridicule.


Nicole Mealing said...

this is HILARIOUS! Ridiculous, YES! but still, hilarious!

elisa said...