Randomanda VII

(Continuing from Myspace...where I posted the first 6 installments with Myspace's blog feature - before I graduated to Blogger.)

*I have no idea what "twice removed" means. I wonder if I have any family members who are removed? I hope they've been re-placed.

*I think the Jimmy Dean commercials with the sun, moon, and fog are actually pretty cute; if unfamiliar watch here. I also like the Comcast turtles/tortoises (I'm not sure which they are)...and still cannot stand the damn Charmin bears.

*I think Strap Perfect is a fantastic invention. I'd like to have one; they come in 3's...I'll split them with someone (or sometwo). I think it's funny that I couldn't remember the name when typing this...and first typed Straptastic. I wonder if they considered that name? It's a little piece of smartly formed plastic; she's probably making a million. I think her first draft was probably one of those little discs that shoot out of toy guns.

*I was deeply disappointed with my Bare Minerals introduction @ Sephora. I've so been looking forward to using the products and looked so...made up. Perhaps we didn't swirl, tap, and buff correctly...but it didn't work out.

*As I sat waiting for my bags @ the airport, I wondered who determined the ideal speed for the belt on the baggage carousel...? Was there an engineer involved...who used some sort of height/angle/lift/average weight ratio...or did they just try different speeds and have the worker who drew the shortest straw run around chasing bags to see which speed fit best?

*I've learned it's very dangerous to eat Jelly Bellies in the dark while driving...not being able see which ones you're eating. I incorrectly thought Santa had placed Tropical Jelly Bellies in my stocking...when in fact, they were regular Jelly Bellies. I ended up with popcorn, pear, and coffee in my mouth all at once...travesty. Either eat them in the daylight or turn on the dome light (which I opted for); this allows you to re-select flavors and toss the brown ones.

*Not to slight the color brown; brown M&Ms are my favorite. Nothing to do with The Wedding Planner...though I do enjoy Matthew McConaughey. Speaking of which...while @ Sephora, I was able to smell him (Dolce & Gabana). Delicioso.

*My friend Patricia and I once signed an online petition to save the pineapple flavored Life Saver. I recently bought a roll of tropical Life Savers (without reading the description of flavors on the side) in hopes of reuniting my palate with the pineapple goodness. The yellow one was banana flavored.

*I really don't have a fixation with tropical flavored candies.

*When flying, I will order/request ginger-ale 99.8% of the time. I prefer Canada Dry.

*I enjoy flip-flops as much as the next girl, but have no desire to place a flip-flop bumper-sticker on my back-shield. I don't understand these stickers. I have little appreciation for bumper-stickers, period. ...Flip-flops enthusiasts though? Whatever blows your skirt up...(the cute t-length one...the one you wear with your flip-flops).


Farrah said...

I think you are HILARIOUS!!! i am busting a gut laughing but trying to restrain myself as I am bouncing my child in a bouncy seat so he will stay asleep. I love your random thoughts. It makes me SO miss hanging out with you. I wish I could have been in CVS with you to see the soap in lock-down. So funny!! :)

Kimmey said...

I just have to say that these "randomanda" post are probably my favorite! You are probably one of the funniest people I know. I wish my brain thought the way yours does. Let me know if you ever figure out the baggage carousel thing...lol. And I am oh, so, sorry that Santa accidently gave you regular Jelly Bellies! Maybe he will do better next year!!!