We all weighed in Sunday...and each lost weight!

However...between Monday and yesterday (Sunday)...there were 4 sets of scales involved. The numbers were inconsistent, and though all numbers reflect that we all lost...we've decided (as a group) to to use yesterday's numbers as our new starting point. We're also using one set of scales...which were purchased Friday. Same set for each person, for each weigh in.

Additionally...there are 2 amendments to the Terms & Conditions.

a) Each member, except when ill, is allowed one "free pass". One week...where they may choose not to weigh, and not be penalized.

b) Any other forfeit of weigh-in (team member is in good health and not using free pass) - results in automatic $5.00 pot-payment.

So...here we go with week # 1...which is August 17th-August 23rd!

The pot currently (theoretically...since we don't have an actual "pot" yet) $175.00.


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