Kentucky Random

Kentucky's mascot is a wildcat...which actually looks (in person)...like a really big squirrel. Seriously. See? Here he/she is getting ready to play basketball...

One year, during pre-game (football), their big squirrel came and snatched my flag away from me. It caught me off guard (no pun intended)...it would anyone, really. A life-sized rodent? C'mon.

Big Al chased that big squirrel down (halfway around the field!) and brought my flag back to me. Thanks, Big AL.

I looked on Kentucky's website and learned they, like many SEC schools...have a slightly odd mascot tradition. In addition to the squirrel-like wildcat, they have a newer - more "child-friendly" wildcat...name "Scratch". Both mascots attend games. ...And then their live mascot - is a bobcat. Wth? In the Q&A section...someone asks if a bobcat is the same as a wildcat. Their answer? "In Kentucky it is!". Lol. Kentucky mascot info.

Looking forward to Saturday...ROLL TIDE!!!


Anonymous said...

You know way too much. I'm jealous!

Amanda Rose said...

I'm a nerd...can't help it :). (...and don't really try.)

Leah said...

Not sure you should be pointing fngers at funny looking mascots, I mean Big Al looks like he has mouse ears. Isn't that the opposite of elephant:-)

Amanda Rose said...
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Amanda Rose said...

Wait, Bug, whose side are you on?

Big Al is a perfect specimen.

Are you jealous because you're a jayhawk...who waves like wheat and chants about chalk?


Leah said...

Ahh, you're just jaalous because our mascot is imaginary, so looks exactly like what it is , even in fluffy stuffed animal form. That's the problem with most mascots, in stuffed animal form, they look nothing like the real thing, it's like candy flavors, red never really tastes like strawberry.

Amanda Rose said...

*Running out to left field to get in the same conversation...*

Candy flavors? Wth?

*Whew... Just got out to where you are...*

I can't stand "grape" flavored things. I think "grape" tastes like purple.

elisa said...

the wildcat had on these random quilt square covered pants in 1,000,000 shades of blue...wierd! Plus, there was this old white man (I only say that to indicate a lack of rythm) that kept jumping up on the concrete railing in his pleated black denim short and directing this cheer. The cheerleaders literally had to follow him. WAS HILARIOUS!!!!