Losing face...I mean weight. Update! (corrected!)

*Thanks to Brenda for reminding me that we threw out the first week's numbers, and bought a new set of scales...so our second week was technically our first. With revised calculations...*

♦ Team Mealing♦
Max & Brenda
Currently in the lead...having lost a clean 5% thus far. WOO-HOO!!!

♦ Team Meigs♦
Mike & Teresa
In second place...also with 5% (4.7%). Yay!

♦ Team Roseland♦
Amanda, Kimmey, & Daryl
Last. Yes, last. We've lost 3% of our collective weights. Rally!
I, personally...have lost 17 pounds thus far;
make that 10 with the first week thrown out.

The pot...

Thus far, the winning team stands to split $180;
contest doesn't end until 12/15/08 though!.
Each of the 7 players had to put in $25 to participate...and so far only one person (that would be me) has had a gaining week;
I had to pay up $5.00.
If you'd like to know more about our little contest...check it out here.

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