The Bet

(This is a bit longer than most; Bear [Bryant] with me.)

So... Bama vs. Clemson (season opener)...is old football news, but I have yet to post about it and it must be done. My friend and coworker, Renee, and I had a bet...a wager...on this game. Renee is a Clemson fan and (as well known) - I bleed crimson.

The terms were simple, though loosely defined. If Clemson won, I was to wear this horror of an orange straw cowboy hat for a photograph....OR...apply ghastly Lee Press-On Clemson nails to my fingers (again, for a photo) - which I'm sure my natural nails would have rejected with vigor.

If Bama won, Renee was to pose with a true [old-school] pre-game flag from UA for a photo. Which...actually, is an honor either way; she should have counted herself lucky.

Bama won the game and therefore...I won the bet. I brought my near-vintage flag in the following Friday - which was also the Friday preceding the next football game, so I felt it to be somewhat of a deadline. Renee expressed that she wasn't "ready"...a sure sign that she had something up her sleeve. And she did. She was bound and determined to ADD Clemson paraphernalia to the photo...though the revolting orange hat was vetoed by Lisa (a third and impartial party). Renee did manage to apply the wretched Clemson nails [to her own hands] with scotch tape and quickly fashion a hideous orange and purple sign to hold as well. For her bratty behavior, she received Bama shakers in her hair as additional photo elements. Incidentally, the photo was still taken that particular Friday...prior to the defensively "anemic" and "pedestrian" win for Bama against Tulane.

Being the "rabid" fan I am (rabid is Renee's word...I think it a bit toxic), I will say the spirit of the bet was lessened in my football heart by knowing Renee had no intention of watching the game... She is a sweet & caring coworker & friend and I adore her; that being said, she will do just about anything to agitate me and egg me on...this being a prime example. She could care less about the actual game. The chance, however small, of getting me to touch or be near something orange was far too great a temptation. My boys didn't let me down though...ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! So here she is...true to her word; though tainted by illegal additions... Renee...in all of her BAMA GLORY!!!

(Because orange and purple match; WTH?!)

By the by... I had the pleasure of watching this game in a small sea of Clemson fans...with one fellow Bama fan (Kimmey saved the Bama day). Allison hosted a lovely football party for two teams she has ties to, but cares little for...being the devout Georgia fan she is. Andy had the grounds in lovely shape; the lawn made me want to play croquet. Allison decorated above and beyond (yet equally) for both teams...making everyone feel welcome though the Crimson Tide were far out-numbered; it mattered not :). The hosts and guests provided tons of tasty comestibles and even the tableware, plates, etc...were team-themed and color-coordinated! As a special treat, I left with elephantine Bama favors... Thanks so much to Allison & Andy for the super-fun evening...and for our first football game together :).

Team-themed :)


Roll Tide!


Renee said...

For the record - the hat is more than an "orange straw-like woven hat". It's an authentic cowboy hat, an orange cowboy hat, I got in Wyoming many (many) years ago. And yes, I confess to annoying Amanda just for the fun of it...but she's a good sport and keeps me in line. Losing the wager was worth seeing her exasperation with me for not even caring enough to watch the game. Thanks, Amanda, you little Bama Freak....Renee

Why Not said...

I like the pics. Way to go on holding her to her side of the bet. I didn't even know there was such a market for collegiate press on nails! I might need to secure a pair for a future bet, or drunken stooper.