Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Have you seen Failure to Launch? Elf? Zooey Deschanel has been a ton of other things, but (for better or worse)...those came to mind first. She's hysterical; AMAZING comedic timing. And apparently, she also sings. I learned about the song below through a former student (Marisol - a unique, gifted, and lovely spirit), but had no idea the band contained Zooey... The band, by the way, is She & Him. The album is called Volume I.

The video is a bit quirky, so if you have a low tolerance for all things non-cookie-cutter...play the clip and turn away so that you can appreciate the song. Once you've listened to it three times, you can then make an honest determination [about the song]...and watch the video. If you can handle quirky, watch away :).


elisa said...

truly odd video...and there's a line in the song about I think you're pleasant...I think I'd like you for my own...I LOVE her voice, though

Leah said...

The video is distracting, and I think slightly quirky may be an understatement. For my money, she doesn't get better than her crazy character in Weeds.

Amanda Rose said...

See? That why you weren't supposed to watch the video... Is that a no-go on the song then? I love her characters...think she's fantastic; was just excited about her singing. Oh well. I won't have to coerse you into attending any concerts...it doesn't look like they'll be anywhere near here...ever.