Such is life.

(I used to make Grandmama "play" Laverne & Shirley incessantly [so says she]. The theme song makes me think of her... If we were to play now, I'd rather be Laverne...she's much funnier than Shirley.)

Grandmama went back into NHC (the nursing home) yesterday... The weekend was less than pleasant, but perhaps a necessary one; not my call. She's upset to have returned, and we all truly hate that she can't be where wants to be... It hurts my heart; Monday evening was particularly heart-wrenching. She has received good care @ NHC though...and right now, it makes the most sense.

She is on a different wing and now has a roommate; previously, she was in a private room. Her roommate seems sweet and [naturally] set in her ways; we'll see how the roommate-ship progresses. I worry that Grandmama won't ask for what she needs or do as she likes for fear that she'll disturb her room-fellow; she (Grandmama) is also set in her [sometimes submissive] ways. Her roommate is not a watcher of TV (uh-oh!) - or a lover of light (not really an issue), and is a bit sensitive to noise (they've already swapped Grandmama's O2 machine for a more quiet model). She kept Brenda and I laughing yesterday though...she's not shy; I love it. Ideally, they'll be great company for each other.

If you'd like more specific info (room number, etc), feel free to send me an e-mail. In the mean time, know that Grandmama & Granddaddy are both holding their own.


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