Bama Betty

Long overdue for an update on Betty, Saturday night's quick shaker-shot made for a nice intro...

To re-cap, Granddaddy essentially campaigned prior to Labor Day weekend that Grandmama be released and allowed to move back home; he felt she was ready and that collectively (with home-health), we would be able to provide the level of care she required. Though ideal/dreamy, no one felt it...realistic. In the end (sparing the details), it was a difficult weekend to both witness and experience, but perhaps a necessary exercise [in futility] for this well-intentioned husband...trying to do the very best he could/can to care for wife/love. I think he had to see for himself that it wouldn't work, and so he saw. Thankfully she didn't get hurt, and he wasn't injured beyond strained muscles. For the rest of us, it was mental & emotional chaos + emergency trips out each time Granddaddy called...in addition to the scheduled ones [trips]. She went home that Friday, back to the nursing home that Tuesday, and was admitted to the hospital that Thursday (9/4) for exacerbated congestive heart failure.

Picking up from there... She was released from the hospital (back to the nursing home) on 9/11...and other than a day-trip to the e.r. on 9/18 (where they did make an interesting find about the source of her chronic UTI's) + a necessary room & wing change @ the nursing home...things have been relatively quiet for the last couple of weeks. She does seem to have a stomach bug this weekend...:/. We're happy to be back on the Magnolia Wing though...holla!

She continues to participate in PT on her good days, and rest on the not-so-good days. She had just gotten her hair done prior to this picture - was pretty happy about that...and looking forward to the game :). She told her roommate, who had asked her to turn the TV off at 8pm the night before, that she and her husband would be watching the Alabama game, and that she was welcome to watch it with them :). That's my girl! In general, her mental status comes and goes.

Brenda took her outside the other day...which is the first time she's been out to enjoy the grounds. Her sister and my great aunt, Pat, along with a few other 'Bama family members will be coming in a few weeks to visit (on a by week of course). Brenda is planning a lovely picnic at the nursing home...which should be great; looking forward to it!

If we can get her to keep her oxygen tube on/in all day, every day, I'll be a happier camper. She's a sly one, that Betty (;.

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