At Least We've Come This Far

So I mentioned some time ago that I want to dedicate this space (every now and again)...to a little "Request & Dedication" action... a-la Casey Kasem. I've had several ideas which have been quieted by busy. I'm all set for this one though...:).

Out of respect for this new relationship and others who are directly (or indirectly) involved...I won't share many details; not via blog anyway. I would like to introduce those of you who don't know....to Allison. As you can see, we fell from the same tree. Same tree, different...fertilizer.

(Allison and her husband, Andy)

We met for the first time when I was 16, and she was 18.... For various reasons (vaguely understood by us), we've never been able to have a relationship. At 31 and 33...now separate from past circumstances, we're trying "us" on...and giving this sisterhood a shot. Last night, we talked for 7 hours, nearly 8 actually.

I drove (to her home) yesterday evening as Amanda...just, Amanda (read: only child). ...And left with the knowledge/awareness that...potentially (by choice & effort)/technically/and actually... I have 2 nephews, a niece, and a brother-in-law. ...And most importantly, a sister (who was also raised/identifies herself as an only-child). Pretty bizarre considering those words (nephew, etc.) have not previously been a part of my vocabulary...outside of my honorary aunt-ships for my close girlfriends and their little ones (whom I love!).

On with the Request & Dedication to Allison... (Though I'm providing the song myself...which makes it just a...dedication; I'll have to come up with a more clever name.) There is a song by Relient K...entitled "At Least We've Made it This Far". Subtracting the inapplicable romantic overtones; we have come from very different places, and yet we have made it "this far"...to this place - where we are now. And though we [collectively] have more questions than we do answers, and though we're both entering in cautiously...I feel so good about this possibility, our possibility. While it (the song) acknowledges the pain that comes with uncertainty and doubt...which we've experienced as well, the main tone (to me anyway) is sweet & hopeful. ...And I'm hopeful for us.


To listen to the song...


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you two have found eachother again and are able to start having a relationship with eachother that is your own, and not overly burdened with family baggage! She's beautiful, and it's amazing how much you two look alike. Can't wait to hear more!

Kimmey said...

i just wanted to say that i think you should change your little "in short" section BECAUSE as far as I have learned you are NOT an "only child"... right? :)

Amanda Rose said...

Paula...thanks so much... I love that we've been friends long enough that you know and remember my "history". Thank you for the kind and supportive words! Love you.

Kimmey...duly noted...and changed :).