A Blog for John!

Sally and I spoke in the hospital about the possibility of a blog or some sort of centrally located information-source...to keep everyone updated on John.

With her blessing, I have now created one. Rather than sending mass e-mails containing her updates, I'll copy and paste them into a post.

Feel free to share the address with those you know who are concerned for John and his family. Additionally, please feel free to leave comments! I will see that Sally receives the thoughts/sentiments, and she will print them...and read them to John.

If you prefer a less public forum, please feel free to e-mail me; I have been sending Sally notes for John as soon as I receive them...and I'm more than happy to continue doing so.

With that said...I have just finished posting all of the updates (which have been sent via e-mail) from Sally up to this point; you may go here to read them. Be sure to bookmark the address...so that you can check back as often as you like!!!


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