T is for Therapy

Grandmama with Kimmey...7.13.08

Wanted to offer an update on Ms. Betty... She is continues to be remarkably consistent in her inconsistency. She'll have a great day, and then plummet the next. "Plummet days" take a few days to recover from...which is exhausting for her. She dreads therapy and hopes to somehow evade it each day :). Monday, she had a cardiology appointment - which she was taken to by ambulance (rough ride). Everything looked good heart-wise...and her pacemaker battery is good for one more year. She has been having significant difficulty hearing; they've been working to flush her ears this week and it has made a huge difference! She's had a decent appetite, though she got sick while eating on Wednesday...very unpleasant for her. Most evenings she falls asleep shortly after dinner...we believe she is simply worn-out from her workouts; there have been several days when it has been impossible to wake her from her sleep. With that deep sleep, she's tolerating the CPAP mask relatively well. Her oxygen tube/nose-piece is a different story altogether; she pulls it out every chance she gets. We've added a clock and calendar to her room...hoping to provide a bit of orientation. I'd like to say it's been helpful for her, but I don't know that it is. She has 3 birthdays to celebrate this month though (which are on her calendar)...Elizabeth, Brenda, and Mike! That about covers it...thanks for thinking of her...I'll be in touch :).


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