Revolving Door

Grandmama was scheduled to have her PEG removed yesterday...
Instead of the operating room, she took a trip to the emergency room....with chest pains.

She was & is having heart trouble and was admitted to University Hospital yesterday afternoon. They're running tests (as usual) today...no results/information yet.

Granddaddy is clearing out her room at the nursing home as
she is not expected to return in the next day or so...and insurance won't cover both placements simultaneously. Should she be released from the hospital, we'll hope for an open room @ NHC - where she'll begin a fresh set of 100 days. She was admitted [to NHC] exactly one month ago - tomorrow. (I told someone the wrong date..sorry!)

The picture above was taken Saturday; she was laughing about being difficult/contrary. We were battling over the oxygen tube (me trying to keep it in...her pulling it out)...and she had just called herself "Bad Betty". I'll buy that. Wish I could say she looked this good yesterday...

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