Grandmama moved to NHC (…which is a skilled nursing facility) last Wednesday (7/2/08). She’s adjusting…okay. The therapy is difficult for her, as is the [post-therapy] recovery. She’s been in the hospital for 3 months though…so the atrophy is to be expected. My goal is to be optimistic, but not expectant. We’ll see how it goes. Check it though. On the 3rd...exercise...flag waving... Huh...right?! They offer colorguard at this facility. I'm thrilled to bits. J/k.

I didn’t write anything about SYTYCD dance last week… I enjoyed talking with Elisa on the phone afterward…almost more than I enjoyed the show; we had to hang up so I could vote :). I liked both pieces by Mia Michaels…but that’s nearly a given. ...And though Jessica doesn't do much for me, I really enjoyed Mandy Moore's piece to Alone (by Heart)...using the shirt. Twitch didn’t go home (yay)...and though I like Kourtni (more so in her audition than on the show), I’m okay with who did [go home]. I hope there’s a little more oomph this week…

I spent the 4th with my family…out and my aunt and uncle’s homestead (Brenda & Max). I was able to see my cousins and the products of their lovely gene pools. Seriously. My cousins have some cute kids. Pictures

The 4th was an eventful day; I’ll have to post more later… I’m out of time and I’m not sure my thoughts & emotions are all tied up and ready to be presented just yet. Good day though. Good day.

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