Weighing in...

Like my friend, Elisa, I have been a bit flavored lately with the winter/January blues. Though unpleasant, non-descript, anti-social, and just...bleah...it could be much worse. Plus, I think pissy times (different than true bad times) are important to sit in every now and again. They not only let you know you are *not* a pod-person (the pod people are the ones who are happy ALL of the time in a way that doesn't make sense to even God), they also kick up the appreciation factor of/for the better times. I call it knowing the difference. Of course it's nice to have dry pant legs... But it's not until you've had DRENCHED jean pant legs...sopping from lakes of puddled rain... And you get home...to your sweet warm house, and change out of your soppy cold jeans...into your cozy...soothing...bendy yoga pants... ...Do you really appreciate dry pant legs. If you can get past the run-on/ellipse sentence from hell, that should make my point nicely.

LOTS has happened this week... I'm not writing now b/c I feel like writing though (or to report on all of the happenings)- instead - because I'm supposed to... In fact, I was supposed to have posted Monday. Weigh-in. It wasn't a full week, but waiting until next Monday would have been too long...so... As of Monday, I had lost 2 pounds. 2.4 to be precise, but I don't do tenths...so...2. Awesome. Back on track.

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