Nutshell + Regression + New Plan

I think I'm nearly outside of the window-of-posting for Christmas tales... I had a great trip and completely enjoyed my time with Dad & Maggie in Phoenix; we had a splendid time and since it's been nearly a month...I'll let the photos tell the story.

New Year's... I wasn't feeling very New Year's Eve-y this year. I had a very chill evening and preferred it that way. I'm on the fence about making resolutions. Plus - I view my birthday as my "new year". There are things I need to work on and grow into every day, week, month...etc.. I'm not against the idea of reviewing the past year and thinking of things I'd like to do differently, better, or at all... But it doesn't make sense to me to do it once a year. So...I resolve to be aware daily, grow constantly, and re-evaluate often. I'm in my head so much...the latter is built right in.

This leads to me something I have been working on, regressed, and now - it's important to me to get back on track. I've written a bit about our family weight loss challenge... Though Team Roseland dissipated, and it's now just me...all of us (the remaining players) have had varying levels of success; Uncle Max has been most successful. I've asked if we were still going (competing/weighing in)...and basically get the sense everyone is going their separate ways. Though I went back and forth a bit, I eventually lost 21 pounds...17 on the other scale. We'll go with 17. I've gained 10 back over the last 4 weeks. I'm wildly displeased with myself.

I liked the accountability factor of weighing in each week...and having to report and write down how much I had lost or gained. So. Since the fam has split off, and I don't want to pay to go to Weight Watchers meetings each week (and the closest location is 30 minutes away), I'm going hold myself accountable by reporting here. Ultimately, though the competition was fun...I'm the one who has to live & love with me. I will be using Weight Watchers online tools. I'll weigh and post each Monday.

I never know who reads my self-indulgent little posts...but I'm hoping at least a few people will check in and keep track/help keep me on track.

Also, I saw Gran Torino. It was good. Really good.


national guard said...

I check your blog daily and I am always thoroughly happy after reading them. Always brings a smile to my face. I love that you have been so disciplined. I have been living in a motel for the last month, so who knows what I weigh right now. And remind me to tell you a story about being "daft". Ill explain later. Anyways. Good luck on the extension of your "life style change"! And so, so sorry about team Roseland. I am hoping to get back on track Wednesday, when I finally have a stove and fridge again!!!

love you!

national guard said...

ok. so the above comment is from me, your loving cousin, Kimmey. I am wondering why it says "national guard said"???????

Amanda Rose said...

Thanks, love!! I was wondering the same thing...National Guard??

I have a funny story to tell you about "monkey sandwich"...so you remind me about that (and I'll remind you about daft).

Team Roseland...no apologies. If you want...you can report here too :).