Hardly a conversation piece...

It's boiled chicken. One of my favorite friends, Farrah, tagged me in this photo meme... The game goes something like this: go to 4th folder in your pictures, find the 4th photo...and post it with an explanation (and no cheating!). If you have 623,000 photos like I do and keep them remarkably organized...then just keep going to the 4th folder until you get to a 4th photo...or something like that.

The chicken. Originally, I found this picture by a search on Google Images (I needed a picture of boiled chicken); it was taken by & belongs to the owner of a Flickr account who's owner calls him/herself the food pornographer. Huh. A few years ago, I went home with a friend for Thanksgiving... His family tradition on Turkey Day, is ham. I don't eat ham. As further family tradition/daily-routine would have it, they boil chicken for their sweet little Yorkshire Terrier...who is missing a few teeth in her old age. (The boiled chicken and lack of teeth may be completely unrelated, I have no idea. They were introduced to me at the same time and so they are tied.) So the dog and I had boiled chicken and celebrated the Thanksgiving of 2006; we had to sit at a separate table and everything. Kidding.

This past year, the same friend went on a trip to NYC for Thanksgiving. I made a mixed-CD for him to load on his iPod prior to the trip. The CD needed a little punching up, a little art. When I thought of this friend and Thanksgiving...I naturally thought of boiled chicken (thus the image search). ...And there you have it.

As today's post is sponsored by the number 4, I'm supposed to tag 4 people...I'm tagging Lindsay, Elisa, Daniel, and Tim. I don't think Daniel and Tim will be very excited...but maybe they'll post about something else; it's been forever since either of them posted.


elisa said...

That is pretty disgusting...and the food pornographer things is just strange! :) Ham on Thanksgiving? ACK!

Farrah said...

I would expect nothing less from you. This is why I tagged you and I was not dissappointed. Hillarious!!! Did you and the dog have fun together at the "doggie table?" :)