Pearls of wisdom...almost enough for a bracelet.

While waiting for my 107th appointment with my ophthalmologist this afternoon, I perused Ladies Home Journal. ...Not typically a magazine I'd choose, but I'll read back issues of Highlights in a waiting room. I digress. Diane Keaton was interviewed in this particular issue. When asked what she wanted less of in her life, her response was this:

"I'd like to master conflict better, because it's a condition of life. And not take it like it's a big surprise every single time. I think it's time for me to learn not to take everything personally. It impedes growth. You're so sensitive, you're insensitive. You get so swept up in the pain of this or being rejected by that, that you can't move on to the next phase. It took a lot of time -- and therapy -- for me to catch on to that."

There's a lot to her response... I liked it so much that I asked one
the ladies in the office to photocopy the page for me. I've always thought she [Diane] was smart...and she is.

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