Hello, my name is Simon...

As previously mentioned, I lost a bet (read: was hoodwinked) which resulted in my having to prepare seven dinners for Jason last week. Thankfully, the bet ended Sunday. Though I was fleeced, I held up my end and did so with a bit of finesse & variety - forcing him out of his usual ground beef-frocked diet of spaghetti and Hamburger Helper. To be fair, we both ate better than we typically do. To be honest, as an unmarried + childless, petless girl...I was a tad frazzled by the more intense, albeit temporary, schedule. My weekdays consist of work + colorguard practice or nursing home duty...landing me home around 7pm. (The beneficiary goes to bed by 8:30pm on work nights.) Eventually, I acclimated; he said he could "definitely get used to this" (as he casually sipped his beer and watched Pass Time on SPEED channel). Not a chance. My married and/or child-ful friends say..."welcome to my world". I say: not yet ;). I may get an apron though and wear it on Wednesdays.

It's in my nature to document, and more so to photograph. As consistently whined about, my camera has been sick. Some of the plates/presentations last week were really quite lovely (especially the last one). As an alternative, I opted to draw the menu for this post. As it turns out, I'm a wretched sketch artist. It's really quite bad. ...But funny-bad.

(Click to enlarge)


Nance said...

My fave: Spaghetti/Sally's hair from Peanuts. Truly art-ish. Please, more drawings! How about a color guard sketch?

kingcoyote said...

I am sooo glad that there are other people out there that know that Simon is something other than that Mike Myers sketch. I felt like a part of my childhood was sullied by it. LOL.

REALLY like the salad drawing... looks like a dancing stick-man wearing huge gloves. Maybe I'll do a menu drawing for Daily Life next week, that might be fun!

I really enjoy your posts Amanda, you're a really good writer, and I'm not just saying that to have something to say in a blog comment either.

Your friend

Matt said...

I don't know about a paramecium, but I think that thing attacked the Enterprise one time. M

elisa said...

First of all, I'm WAY impressed. If in the future you need help with this, I JUST discovered Emealz.com which, for about $5/month, sends you meals for 5-7 days complete with grocery list organized by layout of the store!!! PLUS-you can choose low-carb, WW points, low-fat, etc. IT'S FAB!!! The angel hair pasta + chicken made me laugh out loud. LOVE IT!