Sticks and stones. Actually...just stones.

It's nearly mid-July...wth?!! I've been preoccupied with all things kidney-stone in the last few weeks. By preoccupied, I mean I've felt like hell. Like the stone, those feelings have passed. ...Though I have determined "pass" to be too passive a verb for the process. Deliver or exorcise (thanks, Ray) would be more applicable verbs.

The experience included a brief hospital stay and an initial misdiagnosis as they couldn't see any stones in the CT scan with contrast that was performed. Had a scan without contrast been performed first, things might have gone a little differently. At least, they would have treated it/me differently. Though it's not a my best side, I've been living with this for several weeks and have no inhibition in regard to sharing my x-ray. In fact, I'd like to; it explains my absence.

With the help of Darra and Renee, the stone was [not so] fondly named Monti B.. I referred to it as the Rock of Gibraltar, at which point...Darra referenced Mont Blanc. Monti makes Mont cuter...(though there is nothing cute about it), and B...which could stand for Blanc...actually stands for bitch. Thus we have, Monti B..

I realize people suffer far worse illnesses and the above, the size (we measured) of a small blueberry, probably does not seem all that daunting. Nonetheless, it's been unpleasant. I'm thankful it wasn't more complicated & that it's over. I hope not to experience it again. However... If my body does form future mineral/crystal aggregations - I'm also thankful to know that I have lovely family & friends will be around to help if needed...they were this time <3 .=".">

More to post soon; want to get this up tonight for Trey :).


elisa said...

I've missed you...I think Mildred would've fit, too! Glad you're done with the stones and feeling better! :) We have GOT to catch up! It's already top 10 on SYTYCD, and I miss your expert opinions!

Amanda Rose said...

You're right - Mildred would have fit too... Mildred could also be a pinochle playing little old lady, and because I could picture her...

I've missed you too!! We definitely need to talk SYTYCD (outside of just catching up). Hope the Russian folk dance was as painful for you as it was for me ;).

Trey said...

I'm so glad you got that post up for me (even though I'm just reading it now). It was fun to read, as usual.