Treading water. With a brick.

Completely endearing...I adore this [see clip].

It's the reason this song is in my iTunes library. 

It makes my heart happy.  And so I'm posting it in lieu of writing...because my writing might lean back a bit toward bitter and I don't like the taste of that.  Rather than hindsight being 20/20, I [somewhat painstakingly] appreciate the reality checks that come when most needed.  I almost forgot what I'm supposed to remember, and was this close to acknowledging that I miss...  Doh! Saved by a text message. 

You watch the video, and I'll be over here...putting something cool on this sting. 

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Nance said...

This guy's GONNA show up in your life! Honest, I promise.

We'll have to wait for Demi Moore's boobs to drop again, but it's only a matter of time...