Meanwhile, 5 states over...

So this is happening...

Indeed, I am moving from Georgia-lina to San Antonio. A move has been on the horizon for a while. Well. More than a "while"; in fact, I'm not sure the word "horizon" may be used when the "while" can be numbered in years. I'd not have thought I would need a catalyst past my grandparents both passing, but it appears I did/do. The push out of mired & miserable happened last week and so I'm off. I'm effing off.

I feel like I should be terrified, but I'm not. Things should feel chaotic and uncertain, but they don't. And I should be overwhelmed by the sheer number of to-do's and details, but I'm not (yet). The fact that I feel only positive energy leads me to the conclusion that "shoulds" don't always apply, and in this instance - the shoulds have been shucked like corn. Or an oyster. It's going to be an intense change, but moving forward - mindfully - is going to kick some ass. It will be wildly challenging, but ass-kicking just the same. 

Once settled, I'll let you know (1) how the social work job market is faring in SA for those who are not bilingual (yet), (2) if my husband is on one of the two USAF bases there (aim high), and (3) how it feels to see my beloved parents - Dad and Maggie - more than once a year. And I'll be seeing them quite a bit as they have generously and graciously offered shelter (in their brand new home, no less) as I get my feet set.

I can't tell you when I last felt optimistic - and I do now. I ache for a life of substance rather than empty calories. Ache, I tell you...in what now feels like the best way.

Praying for strength, guidance, and continued momentum. L-et-s-g-o, LET'S GO!!

Comments make me happy. Do it. 

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Great big bowls of love.. ~ A


Anonymous said...

I must say I'm green with envy, but unfortunately yellow has made a home here too. You were always stronger than most, and I love that about you. A large part of who I am today is because of what I experienced, overcame and understood through your guidance and support. This is not goodbye snickerdoodle puppy toes, but just a farewell until the next Reese's pieces Cowboy Mouth filled car ride-Pope Yes It Is! If you ever get lonely, just put a puppy in your pocket, yell and snap at a boot with straps to go lay down, stretch across the hood and ask to go home, slam down a pint of tea after antiquing, ask for the salt (repeatedly), hold the ketchup (not in your hands), add extra pickles and "get out the map" and come find me.


P.S. Don't worry, I found your breath under the fridge.

Amanda Meigs said...

Damn - that was especially well done. Nice. Very nice :). It's also wildly and sincerely appreciated. Our time together was significant in many ways and certainly served to shape us both, as special friendships do. Thank you for the gift of sharing this with me. I pray you what evades you - true and lasting happiness, however that reveals itself. And when it does, I hope you recognize your incredible value, a positive and driven sense of self worth - and grab the hell on. It's what I'm trying to do now. Love you.

We'll find each other just as you found me - Miss New Booty

Red Herring Jeff said...

I'm (cautiously) excited to see you writing again, and hope to hear more of your adventures in the Lone Star State.

Amanda Meigs said...

Ha - cautiously excited is more than fair. I promise to try! Again - thank you for the encouragement and for reading at all. You're the blog-best.

Anonymous said...

First time commenting on a blog, but since you're big on blog comments, here goes.
I'm excited to see where this new road leads you...and if you happen to find my husband in San Antonio, I won't mind!
Love you lots! - Kris

Amanda Meigs said...

I DO love blog comments, Kris, thanks for commenting :). And thank you...your support means so much. I'll do my best on the guy-front...you'll probably need to visit to meet him. I may make that a rule. Love YOU!