Addison Brooke Horton!!!

Quick post to share that two of my very dear friends - Tiffany & Chris Horton - gave birth (well, Tiffany did) to their second baby girl this morning! She was born @ 7:45am...6lb, 4oz...19 3/4 inches long. Tiffany & the baby are both well...as are Chris & Kaylin (their first child).

Miss Addison Brooke Horton

Sweet girls...Addison and Kaylin

Note: Another dear friend, Elisa, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl - Anna Kate - on April 11th... Elisa happens to be a lovely and frequent poster of blogs...and shares pictures and such often! Tiffany, however, has already told me she won't be blogging...so I'm doing a little sharing on her behalf...because I can :).


elisa said...

Addison is BEAUTIFUL! Kaylin is so sweet with her. Tell them hi and congrats for me when you talk to them...and tell her she's a loser for not blogging! :) Just kiddin...I would love to catch up with her when things settle down! Hope you're enjoying your time with your dad as much as you can.

Anonymous said...

Awe! So Cute!!!!!!